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Horrible Driver Plows Car Into The Northern Illinois AΣA House

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Sunday evening, a 22-year-old woman with a learner’s permit took it upon herself to plow clear through a room in the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority house at Northern Illinois University. It was possibly one of the worst attempts to park a car ever witnessed.


From the Daily Chronicle:

Saileela Puppala was driving west about a block away from her home when she crashed into the house at 1019 Ridge Drive, DeKalb Police Commander John Petragallo said.

“When she hit the gas pedal, it caused her to leave the roadway and strike the house,” Petragallo said. “There was no sign of alcohol use.”

Her Toyota Solara went through the front of the home and struck the back wall, coming to rest inside the structure. Authorities found tire tracks across the inside flooring, indicating the wheels were turning and her foot was on the gas pedal after the car entered the house, Petragallo said.

This chick is clearly crazy, right?

That warzone she left behind, it doesn’t happen without premeditation, I know that much. Clearly this chick didn’t get a bid. It could have been worse though. She could have posed as a maid and switched out everyone’s birth control with Sweet Tarts. She totally should’ve done that.


I mean, the wheels were still turning when she entered the house, and she drove clear through. Seems pretty damn intentional…

Another source reports that she claimed to have confused the brake and gas pedals, which is suspect, as I’m pretty sure that’s something they cover before giving you a learner’s permit.

Even if you forget what your pedals do while you’re driving, it’s kind of easy to figure out, because there’s only two fucking choices! Did she really keep slamming on the gas and wondering “DEAR GOD WHY IS THE CAR SPEEDING UP!”

Fishy, I know.

After all of it, she got off with just a ticket for improper lane use, which sort of seems like an underwhelming punishment for putting a car sized hole in a fucking house.

And now these lovely ladies are lefty with a drafty first floor.


I’m assuming the driver won’t be receiving a full license any time soon, as she clearly falls on the wrong end of the “1 to Danica Patrick: The Female Driving Ability” scale.

[via The Daily Chronicle and Northern Star]


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Ashley Schaeffer was a senior contributing writer for Total Frat Move. If you thought he was a woman, he'll take that as a compliment, because he loves women. Wooh.

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