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High Schoolers Considered A Threat For Wearing MAGA Hats On Howard University Campus

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I’m currently attempting to write this article without beating my head against the table over and over and over and over. I, like many Americans, kind of just want things to go back to the times when shit was peaceful for at least five minutes. Five minutes. That’s all I’m asking for. Is that too much?

On Saturday, a few white female high schoolers decided to wear “Make America Great Again” hats while visiting Howard University, a historically black college. The results? Exactly what you think post-Charlottesville.

If the original caption on the tweet isn’t enough for you to start closing your eyes and rubbing your temples as you try and comprehend how this world is so, so stupid, then I suggest you dive on in and read the thread directly under it. It’s….something. It also features this amazing tweet.

Thank you, @HUdining. You have saved us all (from long lines at Starbucks and potentially sold out Justin Bieber tickets).

The official @HowardU handle also chimed in with a statement on the situation. The statement, however, was pretty much bullshit as it sorta mentioned how free speech is a thing but also said harassing people for wearing a MAGA hat is also cool? Idk. It’s a whole thread that doesn’t really say anything aside from ‘you gotta do what ya gotta do.


Allie Vandee, one of the high schoolers wearing the hat, says people were shouting expletives at her while in the cafeteria and one man even stole her hat (it was retrieved). Still, even after the ordeal, she’s living the NO REGRATS lifestyle and gave more details about the whole thing on her Twitter account.

Well, it’s settled then. Glad we worked everything out.

*Closes eyes, trying not to kill self.*

I thought we talked about how safe spaces at colleges do more harm than good. I’m no Trump supporter, but being that triggered about a hat that often has got to be exhausting.

Ya know what? I don’t care. I’m done. I’m done with it all. College football is starting soon. All y’all better STFU and have your squabbles over being anti- or pro-Trump somewhere else. You’re making Skip Bayless seem tolerable, a feat that I didn’t even know was humanly possible. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go watch my Tigers win a National Championship while the world crumbles around me. Deuces.

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