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Here’s What’s Going On: End Of Q2

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In the spirit of transparency and direct communication with you, our loyal readers, I bring you the End of Q2 Here’s What’s Going On hopefully-quarterly-but-most-likely-semi-annually Report. The first one of these I did back in January was well received by you guys. You had questions about what was happening within our media department so the time was right to open the lines of communication and explain the situation behind the curtain.

I asked if you wanted a HWGO periodically and the overwhelming consensus was an affirmative. It’s also really great timing because were are in the beginning stages of yet another change in direction that is designed to bring the TFM brand to greater heights, with better content. It’s a change I know you all are going to like.

We are giving it back to you, the people.

We are focused more than ever on upholding and improving the authenticity of the TFM brand, which is the unfettered voice of the American college student. We have a clear vision for what it can become and how authentic we know it can be. We cover some popular national news stories, which don’t really need commentary from Joe College Student to be effective, but, as I explained in the January edition, we strive to keep the brand uniquely college. For college students, from college students.

We have a team of talented freelance writers from all over the country who write for us on a daily basis, many of whom have recently joined our team and I’m very excited about. We’re not finished adding people, either. These guys are the ones who are able to carry the voice of TFM more effectively than Dan, Jared, or I can. Because they are either in college or have just graduated. They know what’s going on around campus, what the kids are into, and the trends that arise in the college culture. We, on the other hand, spend 40+ hours a week inside the walls of Grandex Headquarters.

TFM first began as a website to host funny one-liners and photos that were 100% generated and submitted by you all. By posting hilarious quips and absurd photos that defined the hilarious life of a college student, TFM rapidly gained popularity and mass appeal with a supplemental Twitter feed. That was TFM, the OG edition. We have since added editorials and videos series.

The plan, which I mentioned is still in phase one, is to turn the TFM content over to those who helped shape and build this brand from the beginning.

We have a lot of work to do and details to sort out, but we are committed to building out a network of freelance writers positioned around the country that will represent all of TFM’s content, minus a few staples that we will still handle. Fail Friday, Babe of the Day, and Rush Boobs will all continue to be posted by us in-house guys, for example. Everything you enjoy about the site will remain, and the parts of it you’ve told us you enjoy the most, you’ll be seeing a lot more of. Much like the content on the TFM Instagram page is comprised solely of user generated pictures and videos, the content on the site will be from you all, too.

We plan to have writers representing each region of the country, maybe at the conference level, who will have eyes and ears on what’s happening there. They will own their regions, and they will report on their regions. They will provide news, commentary, and opinions that will be unlike any publication out there.

Think of the future of the site as the rogue, unfiltered publication of the American college student.

Once we have a team of trusted writers representing all regions, it’ll be time to scale. We will expect them to build out their own networks of writers and personalities. The heads of each region, who I’m unofficially calling “Regional Editors,” will recruit a team to churn out on-brand content that represents them, their region, and TFM. And you, truthfully.

As for us, we’ll still be here editing, posting the content you’re used to seeing, and maintaining quality control of the content and brand. Quality control will be a huge focus of ours during this process. Standards will be as high or higher than it’s ever been, and our content will be unique. However, our main creative focus will move over to PGP, a brand that is absolutely on fire right now.

We are more excited about the future of TFM than we have been at any point. The end game is a product that you all are going to enjoy more than you ever have before.

It’s now time to get to work.

P.S. If you are interested in joining our writing team and becoming part of the movement to take over the internet, impress me.

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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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