Here Are The Most Optimistic NFL Fans Heading Into Week One

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NFL football is back, baby. The Steelers and Patriots kick things off tonight to ring in a new season of professional football. Fans all over the country are beaming with optimism that this year is the year [insert favorite team name here] wins the Super Bowl.

Some fans are probably a little more optimistic than others, obviously. So, the nerds at Facebook ran some advanced algorithm and surveyed fans to see which NFL fan-bases are the most optimistic heading into Sunday.

Below are the results:


Most optimistic to least optimistic:

1. Chiefs
2. Dolphins
3. Vikings
4. Saints
5. Titans
6. Cardinals
7. Cowboys
8. Broncos
9. Falcons
10. Panthers
11. Buccaneers
12. Lions
13. Bengals
14. Colts
15. Giants
16. Seahawks
17. Packers
18. Eagles
19. Bears
20. Texans
21. 49ers
22. Ravens
23. Jaguars
24. Raiders
25. Browns
26. Jets
27. Rams
28. Redskins
29. Bills
30. Steelers
31. Patriots
32. Chargers

Not a lot of surprises there. San Diego fans being the least optimistic makes sense — considering the fact that regardless of how the season turns out, the Chargers are probably moving to Los Angeles. Weird to see Patriots fans so low on the list after winning the Super Bowl, but they are so irritated with the Deflategate scandal, they’ve stopped paying attention to football altogether until tonight’s kickoff.

Pretty cute to see the Chiefs fans being all optimistic again, even though they haven’t won a playoff game since 1994. Hopefully they’ll throw a touchdown pass to a wide receiver before Week 16 this season. And a hearty shoutout to my Carolina Panthers, whose fans are cautiously optimistic but deep down know coach Ron Rivera will shit the bed in some crucial moment that will cost us a shot at the playoffs.

“Fourth and inches at the 50 with two minutes to play? Get the punt unit out there!”

And the LOLJets shouldn’t have any optimism at all after one of their own players broke Geno Smith’s jaw in a dispute over $600. Classic Jets.

Shit, it’s good to have football back again.

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