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Her Sext Is Probably Bullshit, According To A Study

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Sexting is pretty much at epidemic levels with our generation. We’re so eager to not keep it in our pants that we don’t even wait to be in the same room with a girl who has a ticket for the 6:35 Pound Town express. A study from the journal Computers in Human Behavior found that, in a group of 109 study participants who actively sext, roughly 48 percent make shit up to tell their partners. That 10 you’ve been sexting who always seems to be half-naked in her bed? She’s probably just sexting you from the line at the grocery store or from a table at a bar–unless she’s doing those things she says in public, in which case I say you should wife her up. That kind of sexually adventurous crazy is rare, like a beautiful, one of a kind orchid that will eventually take half of everything you own.

The curveball with this study was that the deception broke heavily on gender lines, with 45 percent of women bending the truth, compared to 24 percent of guys. I figure that’s because by the point we’re mid-sext, we usually have a solid boner going and there is zero chance we could come up with convincing deception at that point. Once you’ve got a boner, you basically operate your brain with a skeleton crew.

Another interesting bit of data showed that 55 percent of women and 48 percent of men have sexted “consensually, but not willingly,” basically meaning that these people sext just to sext and they aren’t that into it. That seems pretty reasonable. If people can have sex in real life when they’re not that into it, faking it over a text message has to be much easier. In a world where women can pull off convincing fake orgasms, a convincing fake text message is a piece of cake. The numbers do hold up in real life, according to the study, with 55 percent of women having “consensual but unwanted” sex. It drops off a lot for us though, gentlemen. We come in at 24 percent, proving pretty definitely that as long as we’re boning, we’re happy about it.

Sexting is kind of weird, and it’s still very much an uncharted territory in our culture. We only recently gained the ability to communicate instantaneously at a distance like that, so it will be interesting to see the differences between our generation and the next, because they will grow up with the ability to do that. It’s interesting to see we at least generally stick to our habits over the physical anonymity of text, even if what we’re saying could be completely false. When technology takes the next step and we get VR sex long distance, does that mean people will fake e-orgasms? It’s a brave new world out there, and only time will tell.

[via Slate]

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