Hammered Ohio Sorority Girl Needed Drunk Food So Badly That She Stole A Catering Truck

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Some people will do pretty insane things to get their hands on some drunk munchies. Face-down pizzas have been picked up off the road and eaten, disgusting “this-is-all-i-have-in-my-house” creations like jellybean and pickle lettuce wraps have been housed, and wieners have been sucked for a bite of a delicious, ketchup-covered wiener (not by me, of course). This drunk food search (at least, that’s what I assume this was) by a sorority member at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, however, takes the cake (get it? Cake? HA!).

From Sentinel-Tribune:

A Bowling Green State University student was arrested on multiple charges after she reportedly stole a catering truck while intoxicated over the weekend.

Monique Vanderhulst, 19, with a BGSU address, was arrested and charged with felony receiving stolen property, OVI/refusal, falsification, underage under the influence, and prohibited acts following the incident, which was reported at 6:35 p.m. Saturday.

Having your rap sheet go from sparkling clean to a laundry list of offenses in a matter of minutes. TSM?

According to police, the truck, belonging to All Occasions Catering, Waldo, had been taken from the 400 block of East Court Street, where it had been left running while the owner was inside of a nearby building.

The vehicle later pulled into BGSU Parking Lot A, where Bowling Green police conducted a stop of the truck.

The vehicle had reportedly been observed striking a vehicle and running over curbs in another BGSU parking lot, and losing contents.

What the hell, Money Moni? Letting the truck lose contents? I expected more out of you. I was picturing a hammered sorority girl housing samosas and spooning tikka masala out of a cauldron with her bare hands (I guess I imagined the truck was outside of an Indian wedding for some reason), all while texting and driving. This is thoroughly disappointing. Did you even eat anything while you were commandeering this vehicle, Moni V? Was this whole trip a SHAM?

Vanderhulst reportedly admitted to police that she had been drinking that day, and was reportedly found to be in possession of a fake Illinois ID which said she was 21.

She told police that she did not know the vehicle was a truck and that she thought it was a car.

She was taken to jail after refusing a breath test at the Bowling Green Police Division.

I guess Moni did get her drunk food in the catering truck after all. She must’ve eaten a ton of garlic in there too. Why else would she refuse the breath test?

P.S. That statue on BGSU’s campus that’s in the picture at the top of this article totally looks like a vaj.

[via Sentinel-Tribune]

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