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The College Student Who Went Viral For Dangling Her Dog By Its Tail Isn’t Some Sadistic Monster

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Recently, a photo circulated the internet of a drunken white girl dangling her dog mercilessly by the tail like Michael did Blanket. You might have seen it. Your girlfriend may still be a wreck over the events. Immediate reactions were harsh: “That poor defenseless thing.” “What type of a monster…?”

But the fake news you’ve seen in the form of angry social media posts condemning the girl don’t tell the full story. You see, Grand Valley State student Gillian Nemeth was not barbarically abusing her mini-dachshund hound, but rather attempting to educate.

From Fox 17:

In a written statement, Nemeth says the dog, Diesel, is her purebred mini-dachshund, and has been hers since a puppy.  She says she is very familiar with the history of dachshunds and was telling a group of friends about the breed and hunting techniques.  She says the dachshunds tail has a purpose of helping to pull the dog out of a hole while hunting rabbits and then to illustrate the strength of the tail, she held the dog by its tail.

Put down the pitchforks, people. Gillian was just trying to showcase how her dog is basically a fucking superhero. Aptly named Diesel, this dog can handle a little midair acrobats; ain’t no thang. It’s a trait that can be found in the DNA of all dachshund hounds. Read a book, losers. She probably shouldn’t have put that knowledge to the test — and especially not on social media — but she meant no malice towards the pooch she loves.

I understand that the photo taken and posted that night has upset many people—I am truly sorry. I would like to personally apologize to my family, Grand Valley State University, and to those that I have offended.

Gillian has apologized, that girl from your social studies class has ceased her threatening Facebook posts… Can’t we all move on?

[via Fox 17]

Image via Shutterstock

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