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Guys Share Shaving Horror Stories In Video, And Now I’m Scared Shitless Of My Razor

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Whether it was your first attempt ever, you were in a time-sensitive situation, or you were trying to do some manscaping in hard-to-reach areas, we’ve all had the misfortune of completely butchering ourselves shaving and grooming. These traumatic events scar you both physically and psychologically.

Philips Norelco recently dropped this video of “First Time Shaving Stories,” and it’s chalk full of dudes sharing relatable and downright terrifying stories. I feel your pain, fellas.

A few takeaways from the video:

1. Could there be a more heart-wrenching story than the guy that got caught shaving his junk with the razor of his girlfriend’s mom?

2. We’ve all been the guy that confidently tells his Dad “I got this, old man” and proceed to completely make a jackass of ourselves.

3. Finally, that poor bastard who spent 8 months chasing some chick only to get shot down after scarring up his face – she wasn’t worth it anyway, buddy.

Shaving is a pain in the fucking balls (pun), but you can avoid what these ass-clowns did wrong by upgrading to an electric razor, like the Philips Norelco Click & Style, and save yourself some embarrassment in the future.

Feel free to share some of your horror stories in the comments section.

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