Guy Shoots A Smoooooth 127 In U.S. Open Qualifier

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With the Masters in the rearview mirror, the Player’s Championship in full swing, and the U.S. Open only a month away, golf has been on the minds of everyone.

With the summer months comes the perfect weather to play a round or two while drinking a round or six. Some lucky few have made this alcohol-fueled hobby into a full time job. Most of us either focus more on the drinking side of golf, have the hand-eye coordination of a newborn Zika baby, or both. One golfer in particular, however, believed his skills were on par with the pros and dared to look failure in the eye.

Impressive. Can’t fault the guy, though. I’d be lying if I said the dream of qualifying for the Open didn’t roll around in my head late at night. But I also know I look like a new-born baby fawn trying to stand when swinging my driver. Plus, you need to play decent golf just to play in the qualifying tourney. How’d this guy manage to slip through the cracks?

From Golf Digest:

You may be wondering how this knucklehead found his way into qualifying. After all, the tournament requires a handicap not exceeding 1.4 under the USGA system. However, there is a loophole. If you declare yourself as a professional, you don’t need to submit a handicap, as it’s assumed you’re capable of the endeavor at hand…the golfer in question — one Clifton McDonald — is not signified as an amateur on the local qualifier score board.

You read that right. Guy shoots on the front 9 what some on the Tour can shoot in an entire round, finishes out with a 127, and STILL calls himself a professional golfer?

Still bragging about your skills after absolutely failing to back it up. It’s a TFM.

[via Golf Digest]

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Booga Suga

Ambitious sixth-year considering a third change in his major. Three-sport athlete in college, the sports being pretty much lawn games while drunk. Once drove the Oscar Meyer truck one summer, and now a pick-up line I use with a surprisingly good batting percentage.

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