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Guy Buys Tank On eBay And Finds $2.5 Million In Gold Inside

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We’ve written before about guys that have bought themselves limos, party buses, house boats etc. Maybe the ultimate power move is buying your house a tank. Consider it. Not only can you roll over your enemies’ pristine lawns with all-terrain treads, but that bunker-busting barrel is an easy go-to comparison point for the size of your massive cajones.

As it turns out, if you splurge on the right tank, you could find yourself in possession of several million dollars worth of gold bars, as well.

From Yahoo Finance:

Nick is an avid collector of old military vehicles and his latest buy – a £30,000 Russian T54/69 tank purchased off eBay– concealed a lucrative secret.

While restoring the tank, Nick and mechanic Todd Chamberlain stumbled across five gold bars hidden in the fuel tank. At a rough estimate the bars are worth £2 million.

Hoooo boyyyy! For me, this is like a big middle finger to everyone who told me buying a tank off of eBay would be “a poor use of our discretionary budget.” The added value in this purchase totals up to a principal payment on our freaking house. Imagine what you could do with a tank AND 2.5 million US dollars?

Even if you aren’t this lucky (you won’t be), having a tank in the front lawn could still be an amazing enhancement to your house image.

Seems like a solid bet to me. Also $30,000 is small price to pay for absolute ground supremacy in your war against the administration. Just pointing out the obvious.

[via Yahoo Finance]

Image via Shutterstock

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