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Gronk Had Naked Slip-N-Slide Parties With Sorority Girls At University Of Arizona

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Gronk Used To Have Naked Slip-N-Slide Parties With Sorority Girls While At Arizona

It’s good to be Gronk, at least that’s what the title of his upcoming book will tell you. Technically, the title is not wrong. He’s living the dream playing professional football, being single, and being wanted by every girl in America. Sure, he may have a brain the size of a pea, but he’s still awesome.

In the book, he talks about his time at the University of Arizona. He and two other friends shared a house that had a perfect line from front to back door. As any party-smart college kid would do, they set up a slip-n-slide. The guests of choice? Just every hot girl athlete and sorority girl.

From the Boston Herald:

“We would invite all the hot athletic and sorority girls over then take dishwashing liquid and squirt it all over the floor to get it slippery. We would then squirt it all over ourselves to get lubed up then throw water all over the place. The name of the game was to make it from door to door sliding on your chest.”

Naturally, considering the conditions, the guys would strip down to their underwear and the girls to their undies and bras.

There’s a 100% chance that the girls would strip down nude.

I don’t even think he needed to include the word “hot” when describing the sorority girls at ‘Zona. How about a little refresher course on the girls of Arizona.

Zona 5

Zona 4

Zona 3

Zona 2

Zona 1


Never once have I ever wished of trading places with another human being (except for maybe Warren Buffet for a day and transferring all his funds to an offshore account of mine), but Gronk definitely makes a case by living the life he lives.

[via Boston Herald]

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