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Gronk Gives Kid $100 For Lemonade At The Super Bowl

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New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski may not be playing in this year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans, but damnit, he’s determined to be the most awesome football player in the Crescent City this week.

After doing some interviews on radio row, in which he probably talked about how many bayou sluts he’s railed and hurricanes he’s drank this week, a kid approached Gronk and asked him if he wanted some of the lemonade he was selling. Of course, Gronk obliged, probably parched from the previous night’s hangover and needing to quench his Gronk-thirst.

Only thing is, instead of the couple bucks the kid was charging, Gronk handed the kid a fresh $100 dollar bill and it blew up all over the internet and social media after CBS’s Will Brinson tweeted out a picture of it.

Now, there’s some controversy here, with some claiming that this is merely a Super Bowl week media stunt dreamt up by the Patriots PR squad. But to me, Gronk doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who really plans anything.

It’s like the awesome version of the Mean Joe Coca-Cola commercial…

Kid: Gronk! Hey, Gronk!

Gronk: Yeah, kid?

Kid: Sorry about your arm. How’d it happen?

Gronk (walking away): Maybe when you’re older, big guy.

Kid: Oh. Well, how about a lemonade?

Gronk: Sure thing, kid (finishes beer, crushes can, throws it at some Patriots intern). Here’s a hundred bucks.

Kid: You want any change, mister?

Gronk: Naw, kid. You hold on to it. (Looks back at kid, points and winks, makes out with Rachel Starr)

What a heartwarming story. Gronk should make us all want to be better people.

[via CBS Sports ]

Image via CBS Sports


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