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GRAPH: The Miami Marlins Have The Highest Beer Prices In Baseball, Further Proving That Organization Sucks

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You have to pay for a new stadium somehow, I guess. Oh no, wait, taxpayers do that against their will (though that’s not exactly exclusive to the Marlins). Maybe the hiked beer prices are just what’s paying for that Lisa Frank nightmare statue adorning the centerfield wall at Marlins Park.

Regardless, the fact that the perpetually not good at baseball Miami Marlins sell the most expensive beer in baseball is madness. MADNESS. The Marlins come in a full $2 more expensive than the New York Yankees. The team already has problems drawing fans, what with the Miami populace’s general “meh” attitude toward their teams — it seems safe to assume that concession stand employees often outnumber actual fans at Florida Panthers games — along with the Marlins being one of the more poorly, or at least infuriatingly, run teams in the game. At the very least reward the astoundingly loyal fans who actually attend Marlins games, as well as the people who were given tickets for free by their place of employment, with decently priced beer.

Here’s the full chart of beer prices for the MLB, which lists the price of the smallest available draft beer at each stadium.

Statistic: Price for a beer* at Major League Baseball games by team in 2014 (in U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

It’s always bothered me as a St. Louisan that Cardinals game beer prices weren’t among the cheapest in baseball, considering the Anheuser-Busch brewery is quite literally just down the road. The Miller and Coors home stadiums should also probably rank lower, but I guess the three parks have the brand loyalty from their attendees to charge whatever they feel like. Wrigley Field beer prices being near the top isn’t a huge surprise. Cubs fans show up so bombed to home games that they’re drunk enough to pay those prices. Also, watching the Cubs makes you need a beer badly enough to rationalize paying any price. Here’s $100, JUST MAKE ME FORGET!

All that really matters in this graph, though, is that Marlins price. I guess every Marlins fan feels like this unlucky guy when paying for a beer:

Just a hard shot to the dick. At least they’ve all celebrated two World Series wins.

[via Statista]

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