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Germany Now Has Uber-Like App That Hails Prostitutes

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Most of the time Europe pales in comparison to the U.S. However, when it comes to sex, Europe does a pretty bang up (get it?) job. Having been to a European club, I can personally attest that their girls go HAM. The people in these clubs literally party like the world is going to end. No one ever stops dancing. Girls are willing to do anything for a free drink. Come ready to buy shots, and enjoy. Trust me when I say you will black out. The amount of drinks one consumes in one of those Euro clubs would put a baby elephant to sleep. As sweet, innocent 18-year-old I was blown away. I have never seen so many coked out guys in my life, and European women are as liberal with their bodies as they are with their politics. What I’m getting at is that you will see titties. A whole lot. It’s in a culture like this that apps such as Peppr are born.

What is Peppr? It’s a German app similar to private car hailing app Uber. Instead of black cars, however, Peppr lets you choose and hail prostitutes. So, Peppr is like a hail a prostitute app. As far as the quality of hooker is concerned, I will let you know after my trip to Germany that I just booked.

Peppr was created by Pia Poppenreiter, who says she wanted to create a tool that prevented sex workers from waiting in the cold to find clients.

The app works simply enough. Clients login and they type in what they want. The body type, eye color, hair, personality and Pia’s favorite part, the price a client is willing to pay. A good bet would be the more you pay the better the girl. Oh, and the app connects clients with the closest prostitutes via GPS. So if any of you guys are going to soon, or already are, in Germany studying abroad, I guess you have a new app to download.

Though do be careful if you use Peppr. I can’t imagine a worse app to put in the hands of a drunk guy. You might wake up with one massively regrettable tab.

[via UPI]

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Blockparty is a contributing writer for TFM and a 4th generation Texan. With a GPA just good enough to graduate, he is ready to keep on partying, drinking, hazing and gettin’ some.

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