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Georgia Tech Recruit Decommits After Campus Police Accused Him Of Forging His Recruit Access Badge

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Recruiting is always a bizarre game. There is often no rhyme or reason as to why these egotistical, emotional 18-year-olds make the moves that they do. It has just become part of the process. When practically courting teenagers, expect the unexpected.

One reason for decommitting from a program that I have yet to hear – and I’ve heard some awful reasons – came to fruition yesterday when three-star offensive lineman Jordan Johnson announced he would no longer be attending Georgia Tech because the cops were pricks. It wasn’t because his team was 3-9 or that he had better offers on the table. Nope, it was because the campus cops allegedly did what they do best – unnecessary harassment.

The tweet is pretty standard. Twitter is loaded with kids decommitting. It wasn’t until a follower requested further explanation that we found out exactly what rubbed Johnson the wrong way.

Of course, he failed to specify the “harassment” he was forced to endure as an official visitor of Georgia Tech’s athletic department. In today’s world, that could literally mean anything, but if what he told SB Nation is accurate, he may actually have a legitimate grievance against the university.

Johnson confirmed to FTRS over Twitter that the incident was, in fact, an encounter with a GTPD officer. When recruits visit games, they are identified by a lanyard which is worn around their necks as opposed to a ticket. In this case, Johnson and his brother went to the concession stand and returned to see their mother being approached by an officer who said that she had to leave because she had no ticket. According to Johnson, who showed the officer his lanyard, the officer “felt as though we had forged those badges and we didn’t belong in the game”. Johnson then told the officer that he would decommit because of it, to which the man responded that he “wouldn’t care because he would still have his job if I went there or not”.

That is the epitome of a campus cop – “I may be nothing, but you still have less power than me, so suck it.” If these allegation turn out to be true, Georgia Tech better get its ass into damage control mode with quickness.

[via SB Nation]

Image via Georgia Tech Police

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