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Georgia Tech Phi Kappa Tau, Author Of Infamous “Rape Bait” Email, Kicked Off Campus Thanks To Disgusting Chapter Culture

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When you say stupid shit in chapter, it is supposed to stay off the minutes. Anyone who types the dialogue in chapter verbatim is begging for IFC to go in dry. ListServ and other forms of communication are also fair game and should be kept kosher. It seems no one taught the concept of self-incrimination to the brothers of Phi Kappa Tau at Georgia Tech, who pretty much dug their own grave this past semester. Thankfully, the university put the fraternity’s glorious run of idiocy to death this past week.

Those of you with a few brain cells remaining may remember Roger Dorn’s article on their infamous “Luring Your Rape Bait” email, which made national headlines last October. Little did we know they would launch themselves back into the spotlight six months later with–you guessed it–sexual misconduct allegations.

Last week, the Office of Student Integrity made the decision to disband the chapter, effectively removing them until May 17, 2017. Last November, after the university placed them probation because of their “rape bait” email, the brothers blatantly violated the Student Code of Conduct and the rules put into place during their probation. The author of the email, who was named in one of the charges–furnishing alcohol to a minor–was also being charged with consuming alcohol as a minor. Both are violations of the Georgia Tech Student Code of Conduct.

The final straw for the chapter seemed to be their inability to just shut the fuck up about their disturbing sexual desires.

According to the Georgia Tech student newspaper, The Technique:

[A]dditional reasons for Phi Kappa Tau’s dismissal include a “pattern of sexual violence that…suggests a deep-rooted culture within the fraternity that is obscene, indecent and endangers women,” the nonremoval of fraternity members who pose a risk to others and other incidents where drinking was permitted in chapter meetings.

Excerpts taken from leaked chapter minutes reveal the extent of their creepiness, stupidity, and disgusting chapter culture.

-Risk Encouragement: “-Rape is good”

-Social: “Watch out for rapebait”

-Formal: “Formal Plan: Gatlinburg..Big cabin with separate rooms…ayyyy ”

-Alumni/Misc: “The police are coming…hide yo drugs…cuz we are keeping the suit”

“…tried to stop us from selling drugs FAILS”

-Exec VP: “Brother’s Retreat: Next weekend…Biue moon, 3 bud lights, I keystone for pledges (haze the fuck out of them if they don’t finish)”

-Leadership: “right futures is for bitches. Drink faster or you are a cunt. Go to and join an organization …..or just say you did.”

-Fun Police: “[redacted] and [redacted] get drunk and crash…[redacted] subjected to two hours of gay sex…kissing involved.”

-Poet Laureate: “Always ID before laying the D”

Finally, a song that newly initiated brothers had to sing after initiation and at their Christmas party makes references to the rape, mutilation, and murder of women.

To view all of the excerpts and the song lyrics, click on the link below.

Rest in peace, fucking idiots.

[via The Technique]

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