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Georgia College Student Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Avoid Telling His Parents He Failed English Class

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What would you do if you failed a college class and had to tell your parents? I trust most of you have never found yourself in this shitty, GPA-killing predicament, because you’ve been smart enough to either cut it from your schedule before the Drop/Add deadline when the realization sets in that your tendency to rage has rendered a D or lower inevitable, or you’ve crafted an elaborate scheme to gain an “advantage” on the final that leaves the professor scratching his head as you somehow manage to swing that 70, just good enough for a C.

Unfortunately, not every college student possesses the wit or ingenuity of the readers on this wonderful site. Case and point: 19-year-old Aftab Aslam.


The Georgia Gwinnett College (looks more like a prep school) student chose to fake his own kidnapping at the end of April to avoid telling his parents that he had failed an English class at the institution for a second time. The kid’s parents must be pretty clueless, because he did a damn fine job pulling off this stunt. The FBI’s help was enlisted for the search that lasted eight days from April 27 to May 5, time that Aslam actually spent camping in a tent in an undeveloped area of Forsyth County, outside of Atlanta.

The only lead investigators had on the case was a text that was sent to his parents from a phone found outside the family’s home, which intimated that the student had been kidnapped and warned against contacting authorities.

Upon returning home after the weather turned inclement, Aftab initially maintained the kidnapping ploy by telling investigators he had been drugged and held captive. However, when he was cross-examined by authorities, he broke down and admitted the whole thing was a scam because he was too fearful to face the music from Mom and Dad for his English not being up to par.

Clearly, the Georgia Gwinnet Grizzly didn’t hash his idea out too well, as I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Aslam are a little more displeased with their current legal situation than if Aftab would’ve pulled a 0.00 in English 001. Now he’s subject to three felony counts each of false statements, tampering with evidence and terroristic threats.

What a great way to end your sophomore year, pal!

[via Daily Mail]

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