GeoGreek App Helps You Keep Track Of Pledges, Network With Alumni, Run Your Fraternity

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Right now, you’ve got a bunch of different apps to communicate with your fraternity brothers. There’s a secret Facebook group for announcements, Groupme for sharing ridiculous photos and trash talking, and a Life360 to show you where the fuck those bitch-ass pledges are with your Bojangles. And now, there’s a single, closed, online community that does all of those things and more. The GeoGreek app, tailored specifically for fraternity members, ensures efficient communication without the risk of your drunken pledge educator accidentally posting “the pussies will be in the hazement at nine,” on his public newsfeed.

GeoGreek’s map display shows you where the brothers in your chapter are located. It also allows you to pin the locations of events, and label them as social events, intramurals, or meetings. Each pin can only be seen in your fraternity’s circle, but if you wish to make the event public, then all users of the app can see it.

You can also see the location of brothers from other chapters, which is perfect for visiting other campuses. If you and your brothers follow your team for an away game, you can easily track down the tailgate location of the opposing school’s chapter.

The app also has a chat feature and a private, chapter-only message board, as well as customizable profiles.

A major benefit to GeoGreek is the networking potential. Alumni are included in the app, too. So, if you graduate and find yourself in a new city without a job, you can locate a nearby business tycoon/alumni and shoot him a message.

The developers are currently working on a blackball system that allows members to vote someone out of the group, as wells as alerts to notify you when a brother is nearby.

In the future, they hope to expand to the Android platform, and build both a job posting board and a stat tracker for intramurals.

Right now, GeoGreek has several thousand users in 36 states and 121 fraternities and sororities. To find out more and download the app, visit their website here.

While the app is still in its infancy, there seems to be a lot of potential here. If anything, GeoGreek offers a means for fraternities to discuss their private matters on a forum that not too many people have heard about.

[via GeoGreek]

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