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Gentleman’s Club Bans Women Because They Ruin The “Banter”

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Two DEA Agents Used To Run Strip Club Where Patrons Could Bang Their Illegal Immigrant Strippers

Effective banter is a crucial factor in making the most out of a trip to the strip club with the guys, whether it’s a classic “Yeah baby!” or a unified “Tits out for the boys!” chant. I always try to be as encouraging as possible for my performers by throwing out a “I can hardly tell you had a C-section!” or a “You’re a shining example of female empowerment!” You can’t have a straight woman sitting next to you in the audience judging you and shit. It mucks up the experience.

Realizing this, a gentleman’s club in London upheld its ban on permitting the fairer gender within the doors of its establishment.

From Independent:

One of London’s oldest gentlemen’s clubs has voted to keep out women members to protect their “banter”

One of them told the Guardian he was against the change because he wanted to preserve the “camaraderie” and “banter” of the club because men immediately try to “show off” around women. He said it was important to have a space where “you can say anything you want and have a jolly good discussion about anything in a completely egalitarian atmosphere in which no one is trying to impress anyone else.

“That’s my main objection to having women members – it’s not against women, but the idea that some men would not be able to resist showing off to impress the women, that is an innate male characteristic, whether you are a bird or an animal. At the moment, any sort of pomposity or self-importance is punctured. You don’t need to show off, you can be yourself, have uninhibited conversation, indulge in flights of fantasy.”

Good show, old chap! This lad pontificates his argument with an eloquence only attainable by a British bloke.

The ban gets lifted, and next thing they know, some guy’s overbearing girlfriend who insisted on tagging along will be sitting in the back complaining about how the stage lights are making the room too hot or how the buffet doesn’t have any vegetarian options. Sure, sometimes cool girls tag along with their guy friends to the strip clubs here in the states, but I have some unfortunate news for them: the guys would have more fun without you (unless it’s amateur night). It’s nothing personal or sexist, it’s just a guy’s night kind of a thing. When you ladies go see the “Magic Mike” sequel later this summer, you can guarantee the dudes in your friend group will give you some space (gay friends excluded).

Further, from the sound of it, this place is sort of like a fraternity to these old men (the average age of the members is 69) and you wouldn’t want chicks in your fraternity. For them, this is one of the few remaining bastions of raw masculinity in their lives, where they are free to act like total pigs with their friends without fear of repercussion. Don’t take it away, PC police. No one who truly cares about this ban would enter the club anyway.

[via Independent]

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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