Genius Russian Man Uses Faucet To Dispense Beer Straight From Brewery

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Genius Russian Man Uses Faucet To Dispense Beer Straight From Brewery

In the grand scheme of things, Russia has always been a pretty shitty place to live throughout history. Communism, Siberia, losing to a bunch of college kids in hockey during the 1980 Olympics, and Putin — everything pretty much points to the fact that life sucks there. Despite their numerous flaws, however, that old-fashioned Russian ingenuity is still able to impact the world in a positive way every so often.

Every man wishes at one point or another during his life that he could walk over to his kitchen sink, turn on the faucet, and have an endless supply of beer flow freely from his tap. To most, this is merely a dream, but to Andrey Yeremeev from Chelyabinsk, Russia, this is his reality.

From Uproxx:

Friends and family would always joke about the fact that he lives above the brewery and that they should just pipe beer directly to him, well his dream became a reality. Yeremeev wrote a letter to the brewery’s CEO about his little pipe dream and they approved of the project and helped him with the system design. Yeremeev’s housing committee also approved of this first-of-its-kind project.

I mean, if you live directly above a brewery, why not cut out the middle man and simply get it directly from the source, am I right? While Yeremeev did not disclose the total cost of this project, one almost has to ask: Is there really a price that you wouldn’t be willing to pay in order to make this happen? I mean sure, Russia may wall off an entire country every now and then, or randomly annex parts of Ukraine that aren’t theirs, but it is brilliant contributions to society such as this one that make us feel slightly better about not completely blowing them off of the map yet.

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