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Game Of Beer Pong Ends In Stabbing At Lubbock, TX Bar

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House rules are no joke, you guys. Only bitches blow, and blowin’ bitches gon’ get stitches.


LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Two people are in custody following a stabbing outside of a bar in West Lubbock.

Police say two men got upset over a game of beer pong around 12:15 a.m. Thursday at the 50th Street Caboose Bar at 50th Street and Slide Road.

They say the altercation led to a fight in the parking lot, during which one suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed one person.

EMS took the victim to the hospital with moderate injuries.

Police arrested 27-year-old Henry Bermea on an aggravated assault charge and 28-year-old Erica Jimenez at the scene.

Is this an overreaction? It depends. Some people are real assholes about beer pong. Ever play against a couple douche bags who use some asinine rule and adhere to it like it’s sacred law, as if they found an ancient runestone in their basement with the blessed divine rules of beer pong chiseled into it? Fuck those guys.

I once remember dealing with beer pong players like that, where their dumb rule was that you have to pull the cup after a make, but if the other team hits the same cup before you pull it (YOU GOTTA BE ON YOUR GAME, BRAH) then the entire game is over. Yeah, those guys deserve to get stabbed right in their stupid faces. There’s no worse way to lose a game, especially when the little tools start celebrating like they just won a national championship. That deserves a stabbing too. Off the top of my head I can actually think of about a dozen times I’ve wanted to stab someone during or after a game of beer pong. Hell, StuffFratPeopleLike and The Dapper Dipper probably wanted to stab Geoffrey and I after we beat them in beer pong the other day, because like dumbasses they bet $100 dollars on the game, even though I think they have a combined record against us of like 2-17. Idiots. Us Mizzou alums doing a sarcastic Gator chomp in their faces probably made at least one of them wish they had a switchblade.

My point is, there’s like a 40% chance this stabbing was justified. Some beer pong players just have it coming.

[via KCBD]

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