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Full Send On Ben Simmons To Win NBA Rookie Of The Year At +375

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ben simmons philadelphia nba rookie of the year

Believe it or not, but the NBA season is right around the corner. Now is the time to log your futures. So here we go with another slate of Mookie Bets with Mookie Bets, and this time we will be diving into NBA Rookie of the Year odds.

Let me give you a little history lesson. Out of the last 11 ROY winners, only 2 of them were favorites coming into the season: Brandon Roy in 2006, and Kevin Durant in 2007. Last year’s winner was Malcom Brogdon, who snubbed Dario Saric and Joel Embiid (sorry not sorry, salty Sixers fans) for the award. At the beginning of the season there weren’t even odds specifically on him; you had to take the field. NBA ROY is truly anyone’s ballgame.

Right off the bat, Lonzo Ball, the overhyped motherfucker, is out of the equation. I know he looked nice in Summer League, but you can’t believe the hype. History repeats itself, kind of like how LaVar Ball repeatedly makes himself look like an asshole. It’s inevitable.

But anyway, here we go with a few real candidates for ROY.

Ben Simmons (PHI) – Current odds +375

Yes, I am a Philadelphia sports fiend, but I’m not going to let it blind me. Simmons has a legitimate chance to win ROY this season and I am pounding it. All of you know that Hinkie died for our sins, the Sixers can’t draft a player who doesn’t get hurt, and we’ve had a travesty of a franchise for what feels like the past 10,000 years. Now the process is complete, and Philly is on the up and up.

Simmons is finally healthy, and this will be the year he does everything for the 76ers. The Australian LeBron James clocks in at 6’10”, 240 pounds, and he runs the floor like a damn gazelle. His court vision is ridiculous, and the accuracy of his passes reminds me of the Night King’s ability to snipe dragons out of the air. Athleticism oozes out of this guy like a leaky JUUL pod, and he has the potential to put up a triple-double any night he’s on the floor.

Simmons has been working out with LeBron James all summer, too, and if he’s a quick learner? It’s game over.

Another good session

A post shared by Benjamin Simmons (@bensimmons) on

The Sixers obviously have a lot of heads to feed on the court, including Embiid, Markelle Fultz, Dario, and J.J. Redick, but Ben will have the opportunity to facilitate all of their points and get his at the same time. Opposing defenses are going to have trouble stopping the Sixers’ dynamic team, and I can see Simmons doing anything and everything possible to put up big statistics defensively and offensively.

A $20 bet on Benny Simmons at +375 nets $75 if it hits, and he has a very realistic shot at winning. Full send on Ben.

John Collins (ATL) – Current odds +3300

This freak of nature, who was selected 19th overall in the draft, is 6’10”, 235 pounds of raw athleticism. The Atlanta Hawks, whose starting lineup features names like Dewayne Dedmon, Kent Bazemore, and Ersan İlyasova, are absolutely horrendous. Their roster is full of noodles who should be in the D-League, and Collins could shine if given the proper amount of playing time.

Atlanta would be incompetent not to give Collins a shot, as his Summer League highlights look more like a dunk contest than actual game footage.

A $20 bet on Collins at +3300 cashes out at $660 if he wins it, and I’m all about that action.

Jonathan Isaac (ORL) – Current odds +3300

Nobody is talking about this guy, but he is my dark horse in the battle for ROY.

Isaac is 6’10”, 210 pounds, and is similar to Simmons and Collins because of his bizarre athleticism. Frank Vogel, the Magic’s HC, has already talked about Isaac being the type of player that is versatile enough to play multiple positions on the floor. Automatic playing time and skills like Isaac’s will allow for him to shine on the court on any given night. He’s athletic enough to take defenders to the rim, and has a silky smooth step-back jumper which makes him virtually un-guardable if his game translates to the NBA level.

There isn’t much hype surrounding Isaac to win ROY, which makes me LOVE this bet, and I think he will be playing with a chip on his shoulder due to that fact he is being left out of those conversations. Orlando is another franchise that is currently in rebuild mode, and if Isaac can find his groove the Magic will find ways for him to stretch the floor and make plays. Defensively, Isaac has tremendous shot-blocking ability, and he is capable of taking rebounds coast to coast like a Boeing 747.

Just like Collins, a $20 bet on Isaac at +3300 wins $660 if it hits. Somebody call Doug Flutie — because it’s for sure a Hail Mary situation — but Isaac has the raw talent to become a stud.

The NBA season is sneaking up on us like Tyrion Lannister in a cornfield, so get your bets in early. Hit me up on Twitter @ConesDeal to discuss, call me out on a mushy bet, or call me a fuck. Either way, it’s futures SZN and I’m all over it.

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