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From A Reader: My Friend Got So Drunk That He Slept Outside In A Trashcan (PIC)

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Have you ever gotten “I might as well sleep this off inside my neighbor’s trashcan” drunk? This guy’s friend did.

Hey Dorn, first this story sounds too funny to be true but I assure you it is. Every fraternity man unless you’re in ZBT has a few stories about a brother or two that sets a standard of how close to rock bottom one person can get. This past weekend I had my grad party in Saratoga Springs, NY. It is a quiet affluent town in that is known for the horse racing track. My grad party was like most for any recent college graduate, more alcohol than a Mexican brothel, fraternity brothers, hometown friends, and an abundance of sorority girls to make dad proud.

After the party everyone decided to go downtown, the one thing about pre gaming in any situation is that if you get too drunk it’s a 50/50 chance that the bouncer might not let you in. This was the case for one of my friends, he made every and any attempt at getting into any of the 13 bars we have here in Saratoga. He got denied from all of them so he decided to head back to the house to call it a night and cut his losses, only problem being his phone was dead and he had no idea how to get back. He wandered aimlessly until it started down pouring, and started to panic. He attempted to break into a car but only ended up ripping off a door handle.

Being faced with a decision of what it seemed to be life and death he stripped down to just his boxer briefs for whatever reason and decided to lay a trash can on the ground and call that his home temporarily. He ended up passing out and was woken up by an older man on his way to work. When asked if he was okay my friend got up, and said “yep, never better” however his shoes, shirt, and pants were gone along with his cell phone and wallet. He jogged about 6-7 blocks in his just boxer briefs to the party house and shared his adventure with us. When the time came to try and find the house to see if they had his belongings the neighbors started hysterically laughing and sent this picture to me.

I’m sure you’ve had crazy nights but have you ever slept in a trash can? Like I said before there’s always that one kid that makes it pretty close to hitting rock bottom. We did end up retrieving his belongings if you were curious.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 3.12.25 PM

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