French Website Mocks TFM Readers, Declares WAR, Will Surely Surrender

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This aggression will not stand. Those dirty, cheese-loving surrender monkeys have a lot of nerve mocking fraternities, let alone America. Guess what, mon en-amis (INTRA-LANGUAGE WORD PLAY!), whether it’s my fraternity flag or the old Star Spangled Banner, these colors, unlike all of your pansy ancestors, don’t run!

The French website Melty Campus found its way over to TFM this week and decided to post some of our most recent Fail Friday pictures to their site, specifically the Christmas themed ones, under the title, “Christmas 2013: 5 photos students who have not the spirit of Christmas (Photos)“.

Pssh, look at that broken English. Granted, those words were originally in French before I translated them using Google Translate, but since Google is American, and America is infallible, that simply leads me to believe that the people writing for Melty are illiterate, anti-American trolls. That begs the question: Is there any language foreigners can speak correctly?

Melty goes on to say this about the photos:

Today, the site Total Frat Move has revealed other images also hilarious, obscene. Some try to keep the spirit of Christmas but it is not won. . Others have definitely forgotten and reveal their sad winter adventures

Sad winter adventures? That’s a slap in the face, which, translated from French, is a strong right hook to the jaw. However, maybe Melty is right. If anyone knows sad winter adventures, it’s the French.


Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow.

Don’t get me wrong, all the photos Melty showed deserve to be mocked, and mercilessly at that, just not by them. As the banner image of this story illustrates, that’s our job, dammit.

Even Melty’s commenters got in on the action.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 5.16.49 PM

I was tempted to flag the post, but apparently the site’s French contributors sensed my mild anger and put up their own precautionary flag before I could.



Feel free to troll their site. That would be amazing.

[via Melty]


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