Fraternity Suspended After Pro-Trump Message Written On Passed Out Pledge Causes Campuswide Lockdown

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A Southeastern Alabama Tech fraternity was recently suspended after a Snapchat photograph (or “snap”) of a passed-out pledge with a pro-Trump message written across his forehead surfaced on the more permanent social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook, causing quite a stir in the campus community. Below is a screenshot of the snap in question.


Campus Security Officer Michael Mandel recounts the events that led to university officials shutting campus down from 1:56 p.m. through 5:19 p.m. last Friday.

“Well, there I was gettin’ a crank in during some much needed “me time” in the employee lounge bathroom after the cafeteria lunch rush — side note: you won’t believe how much those sorority bimbos love their tater tots and ‘za, man. Trying to get them to form a single file line for that shit is like tryin’ to singlehandedly guard a CIA helicopter from a buncha frantic southern Vietnamese mothers tryin’ to get their little Asian babies evacuated during the Fall of Saigon, I fuckin’ tell ya — when I hear some yip yap come out of muh walking talkie [sic]. Something ’bout how there’s a hateful message goin’ ’round campus? I says “not on my campus,” I says. “Shut the whole thing down ’til A) I finish and B) I get to the bottom of this.”

After Officer Mandel left the bathroom two hours later (he blamed the employee lounge’s shoddy wifi connectivity for his delayed response to the crisis) to get briefed on the situation at hand, he met up with Tech student Taran Griesbach, the white, upper-middle-class first year economics student who originally reported the hateful snap to campus authorities.

“This kind of DESTRUCTIVE, IGNORANT HATE SPEECH has NO PLACE on our campus! What this fraternity did RECKLESSLY ENDANGERS the feeling of security that we students have while at school, a place that is SUPPOSED to feel like a loving community for ALL. I don’t even feel like this place is a safe space for me any more, so I’m going home for the weekend the moment this lockdown is lifted. I used to think campus stood for “home,” but now, with all this Trump HATE SPEECH getting tossed around, I can see that it stands for “Can All Mexican People fUcking Scram?” I think I’m gonna be sick.”

The lockdown ended up being lifted after it was determined that there were no pro-Trump chalk drawings on campus supplementing the photograph. The National Guard, who had been on standby in the event that any were discovered, were called off at roughly the same time the campus alert system notified students that the campus was once again safe.

When we contacted the fraternity for a statement, they had the following to say:

“We agree that we fucked up. We should’ve written the message on some big fat titties or a cooter or something — you know, some safe spaces that this PC GDI SOB wouldn’t have seen. And, oh yeah: #Trump2016”

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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