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How One Fraternity House Inspired A Startup Company That’s Changing The Dirty Laundry Game

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delta sigma phi tersa steam startup

It’s not often a simple idea hatched in a fraternity house turns into something you spend years of your life working on, let alone something that evolves into its own full-blown business. However, after living in an overcrowded fraternity house with way too many smelly dudes who knew of way too few ways to keep their clothes fresh, that’s exactly what one group of fraternity brothers (of mine) did — and they’re already seeing great success with the venture.

“One day during my junior year, I realized I was not the only guy in the fraternity house rocking the wrinkled polo doused with Febreze,” Tersa Steam co-founder Aaron Tate told TFM.

Tate, Charlie Warden, and Adam Miller met in the Delta Sigma Phi house at Mizzou and eventually decided to start working on a new, innovative method of freshening up clothes shortly after. That meant nights and weekends of engineering the design of a never-before-seen product while other brothers smell-tested their Oxfords for the third time in a week.

Tersa Steam is the world’s first wall-mounted, chemical-free, 10-minute clothing care system. Tersa Steam de-wrinkles, neutralizes odors, adds fragrance, and dries nearly any of your favorite garments. The company, formed just over a year ago, recently launched an Indiegogo campaign that’s already caught fire. In just a few days, the company has raised nearly $18,000 with the sky as the limit.

“The fraternity has honestly had a huge part in making this a success,” Tate said. “It was bouncing ideas off my fraternity brothers, helping sneak me into the engineering lab to use CAD, and now they are sharing our posts and purchasing our machines.”

I share this story not just because the people behind it are good friends of mine and overall okay human beings (as long as we don’t count any out-of-town formal debauchery), but because it’s pretty wild how clutch your fraternity brothers can be. From giving it to you straight on how ugly your lay was last night to being an integral part of your startup business, the fraternity bond is a sophisticated one that very few outside the circle understand.

The company plans to keep expanding its product line in the near future, hoping to roll out a device to wash your clothes in under 10 minutes as well as one more focused on freshening up dresses. The long term goal, according to the company, is for the product to be a common fixture in every house, apartment, condo, hotel, yacht, Ferrari, etc.

“I was once a fraternity guy, and I invented this product for myself in a fraternity,” Tate said. “If you have ever hung a shirt in the shower, put a wet sock in the dryer, or said ‘fuck it’ and worn a wrinkled shirt, this product can help you.”

Made by the fraternity man, for the fraternity man… and the millions of other people who need unwrinkled clothes and don’t want to smell like Febreze 24/7. YITBOS.

To help the cause, you can donate HERE.

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