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Frat Rock Legends Ted Nugent And David Crosby Are Involved In A Brutal Old Man Twitter Beef

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ted nugent david crosby anger twitter beef

As a huge fan of all things rock music, the news of a feud between Ted Nugent and David Crosby has shaken me to my core. While I enjoy each musician’s work equally, I’m going to have to side with my man Ted on this go-around.

From USA Today:

The word bombs started after Yank Me, Crank Me singer Nugent suggested last week in a radio interview that the only reason he’s not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is because of his ardent support of the Second Amendment and the NRA.

Crosby weighed in on Twitter Monday when a user asked, “Ted Nugent recently said political correctness is keeping him out of the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Do you agree?

In response to the question, Crosby clapped back with a simple statement: “No, the asshole just isn’t good enough,” which is what led Nugent to go scorched earth on Crosby. Knowing damn well that he would need more than 140 characters for the verbal beatdown he was about to unleash, Nugent took to Facebook and absolutely let loose with a post reading the following:

Everybody knows that David Crosby is an evil rotten soulless punk that has criminally poisoned his bloated carcass his entire vapid life. I couldnt be more proud that such an uncaring dirtbag hates me while he competes with Michael Moore to see who can go the longest without hygiene. Zombieboy would hurt himself if he tried real rockNroll like mine. Lets all pray he can form a syllable before his borrowed liver fails. I laugh at his pathetic slovenliness as I wrapup the greatest ultraFun tour of my life.

The lyrical genius which sets Nugent apart from the pack shines through in this attack on Crosby. I would not be surprised to hear those same words in a verse on his next single. As for Crosby, you should have known better than to step to America’s favorite gun-toting, tax-hating, borderline psychopath and expect to come out not looking like a total beta.

[via USA Today, Facebook]

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