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FOX’s Holly Sonders Is Going To Prom With Some Scrawny 16-Year-Old Punk

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FOX’s resident golf minx, Michigan State Spartan, and former flame of yours truly, Holly Sonders, has always had a heart of gold. And by former flame, I mean we’d lock eyes in the hallways of GC, I’d smile, and she’d immediately pull out her iPhone to stare down at to avoid another second of interaction with a lowly intern. It was electric. I totally understand, Hol. It was nothing personal. You just got to have standards. Which is why this move you pulled over the weekend makes no sense at all.

Andrew Orischak, some 16-year-old junior amateur punk, made a bet with the long-legged, mini-skirt wearing, bronze vixen before the U.S. Junior Amateur this past weekend that if he walked away with the championship, she’d accompany him to his prom next spring. Fair enough. I respect the kid’s hustle, but he held a five-hole lead with eight to play, only to fold like a deck of cards being assembled by Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad.

The story should end there: Andrew blew it, and it’ll haunt him until his dying day. Except despite Andrew’s epic collapse, Holly has agreed to go with him — strictly out of pity.

From Golf Digest:

I know how crushing that must be for a teenager. I remember what it was like playing on the same stage many years ago (I won’t say how many.). Andrew put his heart and soul into the week, and we all could see how upset he was last evening.

I was having dinner with my mom and decided to tweet Andrew that my offer to accompany him to the prom was still on.

So, next spring we’ll go to his prom if he wants me to be his date. I’ll need a dress. And you better believe my Fox crew will be involved. They’re fighting over who can be the chaperone, our driver, photographer, etc. We’re all about bringing fun to golf.

This is “every kid gets a trophy” taken to the 100th power. If I was Andrew, I’d feel like a complete charity case. Not to mention, going to prom with any notable TV personality — a married one at that — never goes down the way your perverted teenage mind plans it out beforehand. You’ll snap a few pics, be chaperoned and slapped away by some assistant the entire night if you get too handsy, and best case scenario, you get a kiss on the cheek for your troubles.

Granted, maybe that’s exactly what you deserve. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen, losers awkwardly try to hide their full torqued hard-ons in their waistbands after slightly brushing shoulders with a celebrity.

[via Golf Digest]

Image via Youtube

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