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Fox News Pundit Says College Sex Ed Week Should Include Class On “How Not To … Blackout In A Fraternity House”

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The University of New Mexico is hosting a “Sex Week” to educate their students on, among other things, how to successfully negotiate a threesome. Hopefully the guest speaker is that 16-year-old from Louisiana who doubled up on two of his teachers, because that kid is the Warren Buffett of three way negotiation expertise as far as I’m concerned.

Fox News had a panel discussing New Mexico’s sex week the other day, which for some reason included AC Slater, presumably because he pulled so much ass during The College Years that his Zumbas were perpetually around his ankles. Superman.

One Fox News panelist, Andrea Tantaros, posited that New Mexico would be better off teaching their students to be responsible rather than how to successfully navigate a conversation about group sex (to be fair, I think both are important). Tantaros said, “You know what’s not on here? How not to drink six grain shots of alcohol and blackout in a fraternity house.” Here’s the video. Tantaros starts at 2:46.

I agree with Tantaros, though if you’re sexually assaulted after taking six shots of grain alcohol, it’s most likely by a necrophiliac, because you’re dead.

As much as I like making jokes about blacking out, it’s not something I actually recommend. In fact, I fucking hate it. When it happens to me it’s almost always by accident (Goddamn gin and tonics), and I spend the next day 1) feeling like a corpse, and 2) praying to God I didn’t do anything shameful, even though I almost certainly did. If it were up to me, every time I went out I’d hit a cruising altitude of just below brown out and spend the duration of the night there. Unless I’m angry or celebrating. Then fuck it.

[via Media Matters]

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