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Former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky Wants A New Trial Because He Thinks He’s Innocent

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Two failed direct appeals and an iron-clad case against him is not deterring convicted predator Jerry Sandusky from continuing to push for a retrial. The former Penn State defensive coordinator claims that his side of the story still “hasn’t been told.”

From ESPN:

‘I believe there are two sides to this story,’ the 72-year-old Sandusky said during testimony that lasted just less than an hour. ‘My side still hasn’t been told.’

At issue now is whether Sandusky’s former lawyers provided inadequate counsel and whether Sandusky is entitled to a new trial. Sandusky’s current defense attorney, Al Lindsay, argued the preliminary hearing should not have been waived.

Dammit, Jerry. I’m a lawyer, not a miracle worker. Even Hillary Clinton in her prime couldn’t lie this man out of a conviction. I bet Robert Kardashian wouldn’t even take the case if he was alive and his daughters are still getting athletes off like it’s their job.

If you’re innocent, how much legal advice do you need? For starters, when a reporter asks you if you’re attracted to young boys, don’t waffle the question. According to his new counsel, his old legal team didn’t prep him for Bob Costas’ traps concerning whether kids move his needle. Going in, he must have thought they were going to discuss football or something.

Lindsay also said Sandusky’s past counsel was negligent in advising him not to testify, giving Sandusky just 15 minutes to prepare for his infamous NBC interview and not filing appropriate motions for pursuing possible arguments.

“I didn’t understand enough of what was happening, what was transpiring, what was going on,” Sandusky testified Friday.

State prosecutor Jennifer Peterson argued that Sandusky was well aware what was at stake then and cannot change his mind after the fact. He did not testify because of the threat of his adopted son testifying against him, she said. Sandusky was also eager to get his story out to the media, she insisted, and he regretted speaking to NBC only when it backfired.

Going with the ‘ol JoePa, I was too old and confused to understand what was happening but I wish I would have done things differently argument. Classic Spanier administration cop-out (and an accurate embodiment of the aggregate Penn State culture, circa 2012). To some people, the lines of molestation become blurred at the onset of such an advanced age.

One might ask why this guy is even still allowed to testify to anything. He seemingly bungled loaded question after loaded question. If you followed the hyperlink, halfway through the video, you hear his lawyer intervene, as Sandusky just can’t stop incriminating himself. I wonder if, at some point, his attorney had to pull the old ball coach aside and say “Hey Jerry. I believe you didn’t do it, and we’re gonna get you off. But, when reporters ask you if you’re attracted to young boys or girls, say no. Don’t think it over. Don’t repeat the question. Don’t ask what he means by attracted. Don’t tell him you just love young people. Just say no.”

His guilt is clear as ever. However, under PA’s Post Conviction Relief Act, he can continue to testify, appeal and demand a new trial as long as he can show that he was provided with inadequate counsel, in addition to the discovery of new evidence and proof of constitutional violations. He should point out all of his old interviews and say “these fuckers never told me I couldn’t admit to liking kids.” That seems like some sub-par lawyering right there. Or, better yet, he should have exercised his constitutional right to keep his trap shut all along.

[via ESPN]

Image via YouTube

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