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Former OU Running Back Found Out DeMarco Murray Was Banging His Wife, Put The Two On Twitter Blast

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DeMarco Murray Banging Former Teammate's Girl

It hasn’t been a good week for the Dallas Cowboys. On Thanksgiving, their fierce divisional rival, the Philadelphia Eagles, totally dismantled them–the Cowboys lost 33-10. With it, their first-place tie in the NFC East was gone, and a tough schedule ahead calls into question whether “America’s team” will even be playoff-bound this season.

Oh, and on top of that, apparently DeMarco Murray has been having an affair with the wife of one of his former Oklahoma Sooner teammates. It seems as if the league’s far-and-away leading rusher has been scoring on–and off–the field.

Yep, that’s pretty cut and dry as it gets right there.

Brennan Clay, like Murray, also played running back for the Sooners, and the two shared the same backfield for one season in 2010. His tweet identifies Gina D’Agostini as the cheating wife in question. Based on the fact that she’s deleted every tweet on her account with the exception of two, one can guess she’s probably pretty complicit in the matter.

Clay went on to preach:

I’ve got to respect his cool manner in the situation here. It’s like he had two options: either confront his wife and Murray personally and work out his gripes, which, understandably, must be enormous right now, or put both of them on Twitter blast (just as the 1 p.m. games started) and completely ruin what probably was set to be an otherwise fine and dandy NFL Sunday for the cheating couple.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I love it. Twitter is the best social shaming medium we have in our society, and I respect the hell out of Brennan Clay’s wrangle of that concept. With retweet numbers like that, there’s no doubt Murray and D’Agostini–who is likely soon to be Clay’s ex-wife–received the message that he was just a little pissed.

It’s a shame to see the relationship falter, but D’Agostini is a total babe.

DeMarco Murray Banging Former Teammate's Girl

But at the same time, regardless of how hot a girl is, she’s not worth keeping around for a second if she’s working jobs on the side.

At least Clay found out that Murray had boomed her sooner than later.

Images via Facebook/Gina D’Agostini, Facebook/DeMarco Murray

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