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Former Detainees Are Suing The CIA For Being Tortured By Irish Boy Band Music

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Some Terrorists Are Suing The CIA For Being Tortured By Irish Boy Band Music

After 9/11, two hardcore psychologists, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, were hired as individual contractors to help the CIA devise new torture strategies to mentally break down their detainees. The two made a nice little payday, too, reportedly earning $1.5M and $1.1M respectively. In 2005, the two teamed up to start their own company called Mitchell, Jessen & Associates. The CIA went on to use the company’s services in 2010 to the tune of $75M (being a postgrad pledge educator comes with some serious cash).

Unfortunately, the CIA and those two psychologists are now being sued for their interrogation tactics by three former detainees. Tanzanian citizen Suleiman Abdullah Salim and Libyan citizen Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud are the two remaining detainees who are part of the lawsuit, with the third party in the lawsuit being the estate of a detainee who allegedly died during interrogation.

According to a report from the ACLU, part of the CIA’s hardcore hazing program was to play the song “My Love” by Irish boy band Westlife at extremely high volumes. The song would be played on loop in an attempt to crack detainees.

Since I know you guys want a listen, here it is:

Yeah, I would break too if that was played on repeat for hours on end. Imagine producing such terrible music that instead of it being used for entertainment, it’s used to literally torture people. That’s not a good look.

In addition to the repeated exposure to a ’90s boy band, the CIA also used some other techniques to torture the Tanzanian.

From US News:

He alleges he was photographed and dressed in a diaper before being spirited to another location, where he was subjected to “prolonged periods of sleep deprivation, repeated dousing in extremely cold water in a manner that approximated waterboarding, beatings, attention grabs, forceful slaps to the face and body, cramped confinement in two boxes – one coffin-sized and the other significantly smaller – and prolonged nudity.”

Even after reading all of that, I would still rate the boy band music as being the worst. It’ll be interesting to see how much these guys want from the CIA, and how it all shakes out.

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[via US News]

Image via YouTube

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