Forget Just Growing Armpit Hair, Women Are Now Dying It Different Colors Because Feminism

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I’ve seen my fair share of repugnant stuff on the internet. I’m an inquisitive guy with microscopic impulse control. I’ve turned a few links purple that I immediately regretted. It’s life, and my mind has only become more tarnished because of it. Of all of those links I’ve clicked, very few have made any sort of impact on my life. Today, I added a new link to the list, one that flew to the top of my “Never Again” list.

The New York Times made a very disturbing announcement today: Women are now dying their armpit hair. We’ve already crossed a very dangerous line by allowing this crap to gain traction. Whatever, I guess. Everything is accepted in this country, or some shit. Now they’re just getting crazy.

I struggled with the idea that women’s bodies even grow armpit hair. Maybe it was the porn, maybe it was the fact that I only associated with women who realized that there is a nice neutral ground in which they can respect themselves without letting the weeds grow from their crevices. Either way, this shit freaked me the fuck out.

And now they’ve chosen to take it a step further. Repulsing men across the country wasn’t enough to satisfy their agenda. Now they’re moving on to bigger and better things, like dying their fucking pit bush.

17-years-old and already heading down this path. God help her.

As men, we must put an end to this trend. This nation cannot survive if its women start growing lice habitats under their arms. It’s not sustainable. Do your part. Buy your woman a razor.

If you have the stomach, here’s the video that partially started the movement last year.


[via New York Times]

Image via YouTube

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