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Wasted Chick Broadcasts Herself Driving Drunk Live On Periscope, Is Promptly Arrested

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The growth of social media in recent years has directly attributed to an increase in public displays of stupidity. At no point in human history have people had such a plethora of opportunities at their fingertips in which they can self-destruct so easily. It’s sad, in a way. Evolution has taken us so far, yet this world is still heavily populated by people such as the woman below, who live-streamed her drunk driving escapade on the new app Periscope.

After a night of indulging herself with inebriating substances, Ms. Beall illegally hit the roads, opened up her Periscope app, and proceeded to visually inform the world of her incredible levels of intoxication. Watch the video. It’s horrifyingly amusing.

The kicker to me is the stream of comments at the bottom-left corner of the intersection. The woman is obviously incredibly intoxicated, in absolutely no state to drive, yet the internet is still begging to see her tits before the cops catch up to her. Hey, boobs are boobs, but sometimes there are certain priorities that supersede the innate desire to gaze at a pair of well-proportioned areola.

Meanwhile, as she slurred her words and incorrectly identified the road she was driving down as Interstate 4, a local cop that was following the Periscope noticed local landmarks that were useful in directing his buddies to her location. After she continued to proclaim her drunkenness while mowing down signs in the median, the cops finally caught up with her and took the gleefully drunk driver into custody.

Just another night in Florida.

[via Fox 13 News]

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