Florida State Being Sued For Policy That Bans Guns In Cars On Gameday

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All Florida State student Rebekah Hargrove wants to do is bring her tailgate essentials to Doak Campbell Stadium on Saturdays. Nothing crazy, just a pop up shade tent, a cooler filled to the brim with brews, and, of course, her 9mm handgun. You know, pretty basic stuff.

Unfortunately, the fun police down at FSU have banned legal gun owners from locking their firearms in their cars during Seminole games, preventing Beks from exercising her gawd-given right as a red-blooded American to show up to the parking lot packing heat. But like every true patriot of the greatest nation in the world, she simply won’t be pushed around by tyranny, and, with the help of gun-rights group Florida Carry, is filing a lawsuit against the institution.

From the Associated Press:

“This newest prohibition they put on their game day plan was such a blatant violation of state law,” said Florida Carry executive director Sean Caranna. “The law always allows this, but the problem is that we have a university saying people will be arrested for violating an illegal policy.”

The group is seeking an injunction before this Saturday’s game against the University of South Florida at Doak Campbell Stadium. More than 80,000 people typically attend Seminoles football games. While Florida law allows people who legally own guns to keep them locked in their cars, schools are among the exception to the law.

In 2012, however, an appeals court sided with Florida Carry in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the University of North Florida’s policy that banned guns locked in cars on campus.

The Legislature has considered but failed to pass bills the past two years that would allow students with concealed weapons permits to keep guns on campus. University President John Thrasher is a former senator who opposed the idea of allowing guns on campus while serving in the Legislature.

Florida State is also the site of a 2014 shooting in which a mentally ill gunman wounded three students at a university library before police fatally shot him. Some gun-rights advocates have used the event to argue for guns on campus, while opponents have cited the case as a reason to ban them.

Straight up discrimination against gun owners. It’s perfectly fine for Osceola to come riding INTO the stadium on Renegade with a flaming spear like some sort of mad man, but having your piece ALL THE WAY in the parking lot safely locked away is a no-no. Be in the pockets of liberals more, FSU. You can’t.

Also, I can’t blame Beks for wanting to have some sort of protection on gameday. Have you ever met the animals that don the garnet and gold? I’m not talking about the illogical, rabid student fan base, either. I’m referring to the gas sniffing, chromosome missing, swamp people of the Florida panhandle that get off at the sheer sight of the tomahawk chop. What happens when Everett Golson commits thirty-three turnovers in your annual “unexpected” loss to an always pesky North Carolina State squad, and these savages are on the loose, cracked out on bath salts, and eating people’s faces? Suddenly having guns in your cars makes all the sense in the world.

[via Associated Press]

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