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FAIL FRIDAY: You Ain’t Cool Unless You Pee Your Pants

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Accidentally including family members when you drunkenly send a Snapchat of some little number flicking her bean at a hometown Christmas party. TFM.

Why wasn’t I invited to this Christmas party?

Stealing and popping most of Grandma’s back pills while she’s taking her afternoon nap. TFM.

I like the way you party.

Laying a fat yule log in Grandpa’s toilet before he comes to stay for Christmas to subtly let him know that he’s not welcome here. So frat, so college. TFM. #fuckyougrandpa #whywontyoufuckingdiealreadyyougeed

#whywontyoufuckingdiealreadyyougeed is my new favorite hashtag.

Acting extra macho around the gay bros so they won’t try anything. TFM

Whenever I see a gay dude I immediately drop down and start cranking out pushups so he knows I’m macho as fuck.

Limo rental: $300. Nice steak dinner: $80. Necklace from Tiffany: $200. The moment when she asks you to pee in her butt: priceless. TFM.

You can’t put a price on butt pee.

My frat bone is 3.14 inches flacid and 6.9 inches erekt. TFM.

Thanks for sharing.

Officer: Son, why are you walking funny? Fratstar (me): You try lugging this 13-inch thundercock around. TFratM.
-New York

BOOM drop the thundercock on that pig.

Blackballing a pledge while he’s fucking a slam then punching him in the groin repeatedly thus beating and making his balls black and blue. TFM(s). That’s some symbolic shit intern throw me a fucking bone here.
-New York

God you’re sick.

Walking to McDonald’s in your boxers, boat shoes, and a blanket in the snow! TFM.

Wow. What a fucking accomplishment. Quick, someone get this loser a medal.

Fracking off (frat jacking off) into a Santa hat to a fantasy of Mrs. Claus in full view of the family’s nativity scene of baby Jesus after driving home blasted from your Uncle’s house because you needed some relief after seeing your smoking aunt. TFM.
-New York

Whelp, that’ll do it for 2013.

Peeing your pants is the coolest.

Bestiality. TFM.

Mother of God! Keep that shirt down!



Perfectly executed selfie.

Green Lantern letters?

Some guys just can’t handle raging in the backseat.

That’s frat.

Nipple pasties. TFTC.

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