FAIL FRIDAY: When Will It End?

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Fifteen real submissions, five photos and one video, that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Pre-gaming our bro’s funeral. Talk about putting the fun in funeral. TFM.

Look bro, your bro’s family doesn’t appreciate you hurling all over the casket. Even if it was Smitty’s funeral, and his last words were, “Hold my beer.”

Slampiece brought her yorkie into my room….my Catahoula cur proceeds to kill the ugly dog while I laugh and drink the rest of my makers. TFM.

TsociopathM. TbayoutrashM. TmikevickM.

Jacked off with my roomate in the room. TFTC.

He was asleep, right? No big deal. He’ll never know. Right? It’s cool if you were in the top bunk.

Didn’t like any of the Frats on campus so I decided to started one. The Campus President approved the charter while also losing $100 on the course. TFM.

Seriously one of the gayest things I’ve ever read.

Real bros don’t let it come to blows. TFM.

Yeah, hug it out. You fucking pussy.

Slampiece tried to kiss me after giving me a BJ. I told her I didn’t wanna get my own herpes…again. TFM.

At least you’re honest with her. That shows you care.

Good pussies are like Pokemon, gotta catch them all. TFM.

I’ve waited all this time for a Pokemon TFM, and it finally happened. Thanks, Tennessee.

Secretly eating asshole. TFM.

Slipping a rogue finger now-and-again is perfectly fine. Who’s to say that a rogue tongue is wrong?

Making a pledge film me shacking with his sorostitute of a sister. TFM.
–South Carolina

When he cries, say: “Could you hold it down? We’re tryin’ to make love over here.”

The fratlamp stomping out the geed “i” in the Pixar commercial. TFM.

I’ve got to admit. Never saw this one coming.

I’m not particularly thin or pretty. But I’m funny. And a legacy. TSM.

I’m super average, and annoying as shit, so I joined a bottom-tier sorority., just like my Mom. TSM.

If it weren’t for secretaries I wouldn’t have had a step-mom. TSM.

Your dad. TFM.

I do have Daddy issues, my parents are divorced, and I have to work for my money. But those things don’t prevent me from being absolutely stunning and having a fabulous personality, so I’m in the top sorority on campus anyways. Sorry bout it. TSM.

Stage 5 psycho.

My Juicy tracksuit smells like weed. TSM.

Stay classy San Diego.

Nom Nom Nom. Blahhhhhhh. TSM.

These eating disorder jokes are inappropriate, disturbing, not funny and hilarious.

Serenading our babies in cargo shorts.

***’s ex posing for a real fraternity. TFM.

Pledge Trip

Please stop, guido. Please. TSM.

Getting iced on the roof. TFM.

Sweet, sweet Lord. Why?

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