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FAIL FRIDAY: Watching “The Vow”

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, five photos, and a few videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

I pump and dumped this freshman piece during my last year at IU. Her name was Kate Upton. Whoops. TFM.

You lying, blaspheming son of a bitch. You aren’t even worthy of typing her name.

I went to the Apple store to get my computer fixed and one of the genius nerds noticed my smashed iPhone screen. He called me an idiot to my face. I dropped my pants, squatted and took a shit in the middle of the store while screaming, “Fix my computer you fucking geed!” TFM.

Take it easy, champ. Maybe sit the next couple plays out.

Mom told me to clean my dishes so I told her to go fuck herself. She did. TFM.

What a lovely family-bonding story.

What’s up fags? Being Canadian = not having to give a fuck about what’s “frat” or not. I laugh at everything you guys post. Losers. Frat on Sir. TFM.

I wouldn’t mind a weekly appearance from the angry Canadian Arizonian.

Wearing a promise ring to pickup girls. TFM.
–South Carolina

Total Jonas Brothers Move.

My slam yelling out “RAPE!!!” to get me to stop tickling her at the castle…and no one doing anything about it. TFM.

That makes them accessories after the fact.

Wearing $7000 worth of David Yurman. TSM. Wearing diamond studded earrings worth more than her whole collection. TFM.

Very surprised to see Virginia on the end of this one.

Steven Tyler’s man titties. TFM.

There is some serious curvature going on with his fun bags.

Cop pulled me over for not wearing my seatbelt. I told him he would hear from my father for wrinkling my tie and peeled out over his foot. TFM.

Next time take the extra two seconds to put your tie OVER the seatbelt. No need for the assault on a police officer charge.

Rachel McAdams should have gone back with Jeremy and left poor, cargo short wearing Channing Tatum in the dust. TFM.

Googled it. You saw “The Vow” you whipped little bitch.

So his arm was already in a cast, and now this?

I know lots of ladies are loving that left nip.

“It’s poop again!”-Old Man Clemens in “Billy Madison”

Consider him Miles Davis.

Socks. NF.

This week’s “chaser” video to wash away the bad:

In case you missed it, read my “Ask The Intern” column.

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