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FAIL FRIDAY: Tickets to the Gun Show are Sold Out

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, four photos and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Some GDI actually said he had a gun in his car last night, so I flexed my bicep saying I have natural guns ass hole. TFM.

I wish he would’ve shot you.

Woke up one morning when i was a pledge on my big brothers couch. He was yelling apparently a scorpion crawled in his pants when he put them on it bit him on the DICK!!!. He is forever know as the scorpion king. That night went he to the bar and brought a slampiece home. FAF.

Scorpions don’t bite, they sting with their tail.

Naming my son Brody only so I can call him Bro. TFM.

Cool story Bro and Bro Jr.

My frat bro is a waiter at Colton’s and he hooked me up with a free steak. Having friends in high places. TFM.

Sounds like you’re really well connected.

Walking through campus during Freshmen welcome week with a shirt saying “Thousands of my potential children will die on your daughter’s face tonight”. TFM.

If I saw you wearing that shirt I would kick your ass.

My dad rapes the help all the time. When he’s done he tells them that if they tell anyone he’ll report them and get them deported. TFM.

I’m legally obligated to report this.

Some GDI asked if I was on a sports team, and i told them yeah. Team blackout. TFM.

Literally any other answer would’ve been less gay.

Slamming your step sister because she is not blood related. TFM.

Maybe y’all can double date with your parents.

Slam passed out during drunk sex, you bet I still finished! TFM.

Sounds like you really rocked her world.

Killing a handle of Rebel Yell and going home with a slampiece only to find that you can’t get hard. Then saying the only reason you can’t get up is because you weren’t finished raging with your bros that night and then going back out. TFTC (Too Flaccid To Care).

Go get hard with your bros and try again.

Frat Life tat that even West Coast Jimmy wouldn’t approve of.

Fedora, cargos, and a bottom tier pose. FaF.

The balanced men know how to balance their brothers.

Grizzly’s biggest fan.

Cornell really gets down on something called “Slope Day?”

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