FAIL FRIDAY: There’s Pooh Everywhere

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Ten real submissions, five photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Waiting until your little sister loses a tooth, and then dressing up as the tooth fairy and leaving a bag of shit under her pillow. TFM.

What a sweet sibling you are.

Slam told me I get a blowjob everyday for a week if I make the TFM wall. Help me out here whoever is running this site. I’ll let you fuck her. TFM.

Pitiful, desperate, pathetic: words that describe you.

Never flushing. Ever. Poop and piss just overflows and the pledges clean it up. TFM.

Another example of when hazing strategies go terribly wrong.

If he lives past the age of 4, my son is gonna be a frat star. TFM.

If he lives past 4? Is he going to pledge in kindergarten?

My dog is an alcoholick, and I’ve got a jar of peanut butter. TFM.

Not sure where you were going with this, but I’ll assume it involves your scrotum.

Answering a call from your girlfriend when you’re inside another woman and then making disturbing sex noises unashamedly. TFM.

She’s very lucky to have you as a boyfriend.

Finding that special girl that likes the burn of dip spit as an anal lubricant. TFM.

Mother of God…

Total “frat move” equals gay. Total fraternity man move equals being an actual gentleman who loves his brothers and is respected by everyone and treats ladies right…slam or not. TFM.

Go fuck yourself.

A girl told me I was a gentleman and a scholar. I told her she was a fucking dungeon troll and to get back to the kitchen. TFM.

Looks like she was wrong about you.

Cops showed up at the house for a noise complaint. They ended up being male strippers and raging with us. TFM.
–New York

Raging with male strippers dressed as cops because it’s rude to deprive others of a party. Total Fraternity Man Move.

This little piggy went to market way too many times.

For the rest of his life this knob will be taking his ass out three times a day to show this fucking tattoo.

I don’t know what it is about this picture but I can’t stop laughing.

It appears she peed the bed, then moved to the floor, and shit the floor. It’s possible that she puked off camera to complete the “full body explosion.”

More Pooh.

This is what a “fraternity” led “wobble” in the quad looks like:

It took two videos to fully explain how terribly wrong this went, and the second one is worse:

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