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This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, five photos and one video, that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Opened my laptop up in the library and porn started blaring. I let him finish. TFM.

It’s disrespectful to turn off porn before the money shot. Nobody likes a cock block.

Named my World of Warcraft pet “Frathound.” TFM.

WoW. FaF.

If I was married to my liver, well she’d know better then tell the cops about the constant batter charges. TFM.

Get out of your single-wide, and help yourself to a fucking English book from the public library.

I’m honestly so much smarter and more successful and more competent than any of you fucking GDI douche bag pussy blogging knucklehead pinhead f*****s that I promise I’ll leave all you f*****s on your merry way and delete my account and you’ll never hear my CA nonsense again if this shit somehow gets posted. Swear to myself. TFM.

You failed to specify where this would need to be posted for you to delete your account. It’s been posted. Delete your account.

A sorostitute puked on my dick because I hadn’t showered for days. TFM.
-District of Columbia

Take a shower hippie. Wait…should I have posted this?

Marvin the Martian from Looney Toons roofying Bugs Bunny so he could abduct him and bring him back to the frat castle to give to his frathound as dog toy. TFM.

Perfect example of how eating 3 weed brownies, watching cartoons, and trying to submit a TFM can go horribly wrong.

Last night I had a dream I had sex with Ronald Reagan. TFM.

Was he screaming, “Tear down this wall!” and taking you from behind?

I’m a substitute teacher at my old high school. Going to give them a little taste of hazing. TFM.
-North Carolina

Don’t lie, sub. Those kids are hazing you, and you’re making $50 per day.

Gagged myself so my brother wouldn’t have to throw up by himself. TFM.

Male bulimia isn’t a joking matter.

Snorted a line of Sheen off Osama’s body, while reading Decision Points in my private jet, which has an American flag paintjob, while wearing Sperrys and getting head from my slampiece. TFM.

Yep. That just happened.

How to put on a tattoo at Derby

no caption needed

Morning wake up calls with the stars and stripes at Sailors Ball

Humiliation & Redemption

Bromance. TFM.

This will probably ruin your weekend. At least finals are done with:

(LSU should mob up and go after these guys now that Benjamin Haas has been dealt with)

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TFM Intern

Never getting promoted.

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