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Ten real submissions, five photos, and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Giving up a Harvard scholarship to frat in the SEC. TFM.

No big deal. Degrees from Auburn and Harvard are of equal value. Right?

A fat chick told me to hold her drink, so I did her a favor and froze it then fed it to her fat fucking face. TFM.

Something tells me you’re going to go on an obese-woman-serial-killer-rampage like some kind of gluttony vigilante.

Pre-gaming your induction into the Eagle Scouts. TFM.
–North Carolina

Did you drink some “punch” with your Scout Leader in the woods behind the building?

Getting a tattoo of a 100 dollar bill on your dick and telling your slam she has money to blow. TFM.

Clever, but the fundamental problem here is that now you have a 100 dollar bill tattooed on your dick.

Blackout kidnapping a little Mexican girl and screaming at her, “Dora I need your magic map to get home!” TFTC.

Let’s not make “blackout kidnapping” a reoccurring theme.

A GDI asked me, “Are your Ralph Lauren sunglasses polarized?” I responded, “No, they’re Poloized.” TFM.

I’m hoping he pulled out a gun, held it to your head, forced you to submit that as a TFM (knowing it would end up on Fail Friday), and then blew your brains out all over the computer screen.

Pre-gaming my pledge brother’s funeral. TFTC.

If your pledge brother was the jackass that submitted the TFM above, then that’s fine.

Your girlfriend might be on Teen Mom 2, but I took that bitches virginity. TFM.

Show that v-card with pride, you hillbilly fucker.

My solution to whiskey dick: take a picture of your founding fathers to the bathroom and stare at it until you get wood. TFM.

NOTICE: this only works in the state of Oklahoma.

If you don’t post this TFM, I will cut off your face and wear it as a mask while I pound the slam on my G5 on the way to Turks and Caicos to hunt the most dangerous game with Dick Cheney. TFM.

One of the more original death threats I’ve received.

This is one of those pictures that cause people to question your chapter’s sexual integrity.

My little sister is 4 years old you sick son of a bitch.

Aw, man! Whoever took this picture didn’t get the thigh tat in the frame! Shucks!

I would drop my fraternity and transfer schools to rush this chapter.

I bet Kenny G plays one hell of a flesh flute.

If you’ve ever played “dizzy bat” you know it can be dangerous. Here’s a highly entertaining dizzy bat fail:

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