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FAIL FRIDAY: Summer Of Failure

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

That awkward moment when someone sees you sniffing your fingers as you leave the bathroom. TFM.

Sniffing your fingers as you leave the bathroom is a power move.

That awkward time in the morning when the sound of nuts clapping against taint echoes through the house. TFM.

That’s the most beautiful sound in the world.

I’m from the North but pledged in the South. I don’t have a proud beer gut but a normal human stature. I don’t consistently skip class but go regularly because I know the job at my father’s firm isn’t for idiots, regardless I still frat really fucking hard. TFM.

Submissions like this cause me to slip into a deep, dark depression. Congratulations on your normal human stature, though.

Getting so drunk you come home and eat all of your son’s baby food. TFM.

Is nothing sacred?

The look on her face as she whips it out and says, “Holy shit this is gonna be fun.” TFM.

This honestly reads like “she” had you tied to the bed, and then whipped out the dong you didn’t know she had.

The timeless, “No, I will not finger you! We’re in class and I’m trying to learn and all this girl can think about is fingering!” in front of the class. TFM.

Disturbing twist on the classic Billy Madison move.

Banging your manager at work just so your bros can have free boo’s. TFM.

You need a CAT scan if that’s how you think you spell the word “booze.”

Accidentally pissing on your friend’s mom underneath the table at a restaurant because you’re too lazy to go to the bathroom. TFM.

This is a new low in alcoholic laziness.

Wearing only Chubbies, a blazer, and Sperry’s to formal. TFM.
–New York

Holy shit I want to change your face with my fist so bad.

Laughing at the goobers on fail friday, cracking open a beer, and knowing that no matter what your hair looks really nice. It’s the life of a TFMer.

Just another day in the life of a TFMer.

Awesome shark helmets, dweebs.

“Our frat went to space, bro!”

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 10.50.50 AM
Cargos, Crocs and a “I Phelta Thi” t-shirt for the loss.

There is so much for that poor child to be afraid of.

Actually looks pretty comfy.

Someone needs to five-star this guy in the face.

Snapchat me at ‘TFMintern’ for photos like this.

Guy on the left must’ve walked into a liberal barbershop and asked for The Republican.

Sweet Lord, look at those camo cargos.

Solid body, but the beard is hard to get past.

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