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FAIL FRIDAY: Power Moves Gone Wrong

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and four videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Rewarding myself with a brand new polo every time my frat meat grows an inch. I have 78 polos. TFM.

That’s at least a 78-inch slab of frat meat. How do you conceal it? Wrap it all around your body underneath your clothing?

Putting your Xbox achievements on your college transcripts. TFM.

Every little bit helps.

Look at you! Now look at us! Me and all my bros look Frat as F**k! TFM.
-New Jersey

This guy’s username is “FrattyKanye.” I had to share that.

Waking up in Chubbies even though you don’t own a pair. TFM.

Waking up wearing another man’s Chubbies might be gayer than actually sucking a penis.

After fucking a slam and her asking you to cuddle and you simply respond with “Does Johnny Manziel cuddle?” and than leaving. TFM.

I’m doing this when my mom tells me to do the dishes. “Does Johnny Manziel do the fucking dishes?”

Gettin faded with my bros chugging brews smashing honeys. Yeah, I think it’s a TFM.
–New York

You thought wrong, chief.

Asking a pledge to borrow his phone and then just throwing it in the toilet and shitting on it. TFM.

That’s a power move.

Only shaving the right side of your bush so that your slams know that the left is nothing but a dirty, unkempt mess. TFM.

Seems like a pretty extreme way to make a simple political statement.

When a girl is all like, “My sister is the bravest person I know, she has cancer and still goes and volunteers at the youth center,” as you nod your head and hand her a drink as you lead her back to your house to bang. TFM.

Feelings and emotions are for geeds.

Grabbing your slam by the vulva and proclaiming, “The Poon Commander is taking control.” TFM.

Grabbing vulva is the new handshake.

Grocery store fun!

My fist wants to make love to all four of their faces.

I’m sure your alumni advisor thinks this is hilarious.

I’d haze them, but they’d probably sexually enjoy it.

I give this photo two thumbs down.

Can’t tell if this is an intentional photobomb or the most awkward photo ever.

You’re doing it wrong.

Raging with two Winnie the Poohs. TFM.

Don’t drop that thun thun.

Looks like a comfy bed.

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