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FAIL FRIDAY: Male Rush Boobs

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, twenty photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Having an 80′s dad dick before leaving college. TFM.

What exactly do you know about 80’s dad dick?

Sratty Patty drank a Natty then sucked my fatty. Fucking TFM.

Listen, Canada…this isn’t a fucking poetry website.

Slaughtering labia with my huge genitalia. TFM.

Enough with the rhyming!

Mom ask if it is necessary to have a pair of Ray Bans for each day of the week? And I replied I just like to have one pair for each sorostitute I’m banging. TFM.

You should sell those sunglasses and use the money to pay for classes that teach sentence structure.

Hvaing to get surgery on your balls because they’re too big. TFM.

That’s frat.

Hitting on a girl, and her friend asks you if your in a Frat? You say yes. your bring them both back. TFM.

Seriously though, English can’t be this guy’s first language.

Taking a shit then eating that shit and taking another shit so you’re shitting shit shit. It’s a TFM.
–DeVry University

Congratulations, you created the one-man human centipede.

Cutting a hole in your vest so everyone can see the Polo logo on your shirt. TFM.

That’s totally logical and normal.

Hug-to-under-the-ass-vagina-rub. TFM.

Nope, that’s not a move.

Dashing across the street to avoid an incoming car. TotalCatMove. Flooring it to try and hit the cat. TotalSplatMove.

Fuck you guys. Seriously, fuck you.

I like that mediterranean look in women. Natural, healthy. Just the way God made you.

Look at those baby nips. Covered with a single finger. Alright, no more male rush boobs.

Apparently some people still don’t get it.

This is in the running for best mid-yack picture of all time.

Never mind. This is the best mid-yack picture of all time.

Greek Alphabet fail on top of tattoo fail.

Those are, in fact, Spiderman-patterned TKE letters.

Some people just can’t handle game day.

White girl wasted.

Everything about this photo is an unbelievable amount of uncool.

Papa Weihenmayer IV. TFM.

Look at those fucking clowns.

You know why you ended up like that? Because you wore that stupid fucking belt, and you touch yourself at night.

There is no winner in this race.

I would be willing to bet my left testicle that one of those guys takes it from the rear on the reg.

These two fucking idiots sent in this picture completely unedited.

Call the paramedics.

At least the guy on the left knows how miserable he should be.

Another moment where someone should’ve taken the camera, and broken it to destroy the evidence.

Oh, come on!

What happens when “Gangnam Style” becomes “College Style?”

My weekend is ruined. That’s what happens.

Rapper makes his case against fraternities in song:

Chaser to wash the bad away:

If you missed last week’s Fail Friday, click here, and be sure to check out this week’s TFM Sweetheart of the Week, Allie DeSantis.

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