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FAIL FRIDAY: Low Standards

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, twenty photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

My instagram username is FratDaddySupreme. TFM.

That’s one of the most offensive statements I’ve ever read.

Freezing your turds, then sticking them in hotdog buns, telling pledges they’re hotdogs and making them eat them in the dark so they cant examine them. TFM.

You might have a hard time recruiting next semester.

Saying “Here comes the airplane” right before inserting your donger into a slam’s mouth. TFM.

What a cute and playful relationship you have.

Delicately playing with my frat dick while mumbling dirty words to myself in the corner of the room at a party so my bros can have more favorable ratios. RFM.

He’s just being a team player.

Hoping your candy bar gets stuck in the vending machine, so you have an excuse to tip it over…not that you need a reason anyway. TFM.

Seamless flow of logic.

Flexting (pretending to text and flexing) as you walk by all the slams in the cardio room. TFM.

I flext around 275 pounds.

My pledge task was to pee inverted and wait until it reached my lips, or poop in a Depends diaper and walk around all day. I call it poop in the dipe and drink what is ripe. It’s more than a TFM. #Kony2013

That’s interesting.

Some GDI came by and asked for a free water. Told him “My pleasure” as I blew my frat-load in his cup. CFM.
–Chic Fil A Training

It’s a Chic Fil A Move.

Inviting in the roommate when he peeks in and sees you hooking up with a slam. TFM.

Sharing is caring.

Only going after pregnant girls because, well, you know they put out. TFM.

When there’s a bun in the oven you know she likes lovin.

“Cancel the party, Black Ops 2 is out.”

This is what happens when you raise dues.

I don’t know, and I dont want to know.

Their Christmas card photo.

Keeping it illegal. TFTC.

These library rush boobs are definitely detrimental to recruitment.

She threw up and went tinkle.

Lick that little nip.

I wonder if he knows what TSM stands for.

He puked out of his ass.

Frat pits.

Jorts and a frat calf tat.

“Huh?” -That Guy

Fuck yeah hang ten bros.

He fell asleep with his dingy out.

“Save me, Fratman.”

Public sexual aggression followed by nutsack exposure. RFM.

Look at those sluts.


Life ruining performance of a Kanye West song:

Melanie Iglesias chaser:

The entire first chapter of the TOTAL FRAT MOVE book is online now, read it here.

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