FAIL FRIDAY: Home For The Holidays

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Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Getting an insane handy from the high school slam and not texting her back the next day. TFM.

I hope it was dry and you chafed.

I frat, party, fuck, and haze in that order. TFM.

You’re so cool, man. I wish I was like you.

Yelling, “Hakunnamatitties!” as I burst all over her srits (srat tits). TFM.

Totally normal. Totally socially acceptable. Not weird at all.

There was three girls painting me coolers tonight and all i did was raw dog my hsgf. TFM.
-West Virginia

Not only are you inconsiderate, you’re also grammatically retarded.

School policy says campus is meant to be dry. That’s funny. Bitches are soaking wet when I walk through with my huge frock (frat cock). TFM. So frat. So college.

So frat. So college.

Always having a froozie (frat koozie) in your back pocket, and a frock in your waistband. TFM.

You guys are a bunch of real sickos with your frocks.

Auctioning off my frubes (frat pubes) for charity and raising $1,128.73. TFM.

No, no you didn’t. But you can imagine what it would be like if you did.

When a girl with acute elephantiasis at a party is like “My vulva is the size of a basketball” as you nod your head and hand her a drink as you lead her back to your house to bang. TFM.

There really is no limit to your shamelessness.

It’s TFM y’all know it’s me, smoking trees with the potency, we the fratstars snorting O’s and keys, I’m frattin’ hard like I’m supposed to be. #TFM1998
-New York

You can’t just come in here and throw down remixes out of fucking nowhere. Get out.

blacking the pledge who’s blackout while being blackout. Twitter: @trevorpattersnn follow me if you use it please

Maybe the worst effort of all-time. You brought this upon yourself. YOU MADE ME DO THIS!

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.

Throw what you know, in the most awkward way possible.

I judge the guys in whitey-tighties less than the guy in Chubbies.

They’re just keeping each other warm with body heat. Don’t judge.

Penis letters are the best.

That’s a mistake.

It takes a man to run a 5k in jorts and then eat a box of Krispy Kreme.

Uhhh you puked in your cup.

Really solid text exchange between two winners.

Did it work? Did you slay some strange?

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