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FAIL FRIDAY: Frat, Frat City Bitch

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, nine photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Saw the slam with her boyfriend on campus. She came over to introduce him to me. Shook his hand and said, “So how’s my dick taste?” and walked away. TFM.
–New York

Way to be the bigger man.

Including “Avid TFM Poster” in my resume for the job fair. TFM.

They’ll be impressed that you have the internet in Alabama.

Incest, the original TFTC.

How else do you make sure GDIs don’t sully your flawless bloodline?

Being a vegetarian only because you hate plants. TFM.

Herbivores. TFM.

Peed in her butt, and then gave her a rim job. It was unexpected, but the lemonade was extremely refreshing. TFM.


Smashing a beer at 9:00am listening to Will Smith’s “Get Jiggy With It” after an epic night where you lost a girl’s phone, ID, and camera and not making it into the function. TFM.

Na na na na na na na.

Finishing while her dog licks my brown eye. TFM.


I’m from Australia, where we don’t have frats. NF. But am keen to come spend a month in America, fratting hard! Ruining my liver and nostril. TFAdmirer.

Isn’t English Australia’s first language? The fuck is wrong with you?

Standing up with crusty shorts and a full mast at the end of Rocky IV. TFM.

Tone it down you fucking weirdo.

Just gave my slampiece a box of Russell Stovers. Not filled with chocolate, filled with my human shit. TFM.

What a lovely thought.

Taking a face full of cream. TFM.

Possibly the creepiest pledge of all time.


Sleep it off, little guy.

I actually think this picture is awesome, but couldn’t make myself post it.

Save the polar bears.

Wouldn’t be Fail Friday without a picture of a guy who pissed himself.

When brotherly love goes wrong.

The biggest fucking nipple I’ve ever seen.

“Kept my shirt on, it’s cold as tits, so my nips are hard plus I’m not that ripped.”

Orlando’s weirdly pathetic attempt at convincing Dwight Howard to stay:

Chaser to wash the bad away and give you blue balls:

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TFM Intern

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