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This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, 18 photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

“I don’t use cologne. If a slam wants me smelling good while I’m with her we can hook up in my shower.” –Dad. TFM.

If my dad used the word “slam” I’d punch myself in the throat.

The pre-brunch line of coke with your parents. TFM.

Really hoping this is the same family in Florida.

My pinky is permanently stained darker then the rest of my fingers. TFM.

It’s because he has stuck it up so many butts.

Rocking a power boner as I haze the pledges. TFM.
–New Jersey

They do things differently in Jersey.

Realizing the two strip club stamps from the weekend still on your hand, whilst getting swole on a chest day. TFM.

This guy throws a “whilst” into a TFM about strip clubs and chest day?

Pissing under the wall of a bathroom stall into the pockets of a GDI’s cargo shorts while he’s taking a shit. TFM.

That’s just not necessary.

A pledge bro & I being more frat than our entire frat combined. TFM.

It’s pretty likely that this is the least cool person on the planet.

I love the brothers, I love my the pledge brothers, and I love to the slamming sluts. TFM.

Pretty sure this was typed into a “Chinese to English” online translator.

Some douche from another frat did donuts in our yard. I did donuts in his girlfriends butthole. TFM.

Safe to say that you won the battle.

Drinking out of a measuring cup to accurately represent your claims of how much you’re fucking drinking. TFM.

You’ve got a reputation to uphold and defend? Bust out the measuring cup.

© Tommy Martino 2013

Epic frat tat selfie, brah.

Somebody call this kid a taxi, or ambulance.

Photo 1: He’s down.

Photo 2: He’s out.

Looking excited is NF.

I’m not allowed within 100 yards of a Chuck E. Cheese’s.

He’s doing the wobble so hard.

Renaissance frat.

Do the crab walk while making that face and she’s as good as yours.

It’s all in the hips.

All because he wore that douchey watch.

“Who wants PANCAKES?!” -These Guys

Puke party, anyone?

Assume the position.

Kappa Sig on “Let’s Make A Deal.” The price is wrong, bitch.

Now THAT’S a frat hound.

Kissy face. TFM.

Pledge Having The Worst Day Ever:

The British Are Coming:

I think my eyes, ears, and brain are bleeding.

Hilarious Wakeup Pranks Compilation:

Chaser To Wash Down The Failure:

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