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FAIL FRIDAY: Don’t Hate Me Cause I’m Beautiful

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, five photos, and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Purposely urinating in the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese to display your dominance at an early age. TFM.
–Rhode Island

Is it still frat if you’re the early age of 19?

Jack from Titanic telling his slam everything she wants to hear to get in her pants, and then ditching her at the end. TFM.

“I’ll never let go Jack.” “Whatever bitch, peace.”

I can’t wait to win the fucking Powerball. I’m going to give myself a trust fund bigger than all of yours combined and buy a goddamn leopard skinned jet ski. TFM.

Good plan.

Some GDI tried to cut me in line at the skate park, so I had one of my bros knock him out while his slam gave me dome under the halfpipe. TFM.

That’s skate park code. Cut a bro who’s trying to drop in and your woman has to blow him under the halfpipe.

The male porcupine urinates on the female porcupine before mating. TFM.

Someone give that porcupine a medal for being the first of his species to pull a TFM.

My slam and I just watched a commercial for the five-dollar footlong deal going on at Subway. We drove to Subway and got in the backseat. She got mayo. TFM.

Fuck yeah slap some meat on that toasted bread.

I was suspended two semesters ago and my parents still don’t know. Does anyone know where to buy a good fake diploma? TFM.
–New Jersey

It’d be FaF if you bought an entire fake graduation ceremony.

The look on your professor’s face when she notices your balls hanging out of your shorts. TFM.

What is it with you people and taking your junk out in class?

My father used to spank me with his old pledge paddle. The other night I caught him spanking my mom with it. Keeping it in the family. TFM.

Save it for your therapist.

None of this frat shit even matters. Aliens abducted me when I was 6. You think they gave a fuck that I wear cargos? I got a bid and you’re all going to get blackballed from the only fraternity that matters…the universe. UniversalFratMove.

Congratulations, you’re the craziest person to visit this website, and that’s definitely saying something.

Good ole Pike Street.

Skin cancer makes the best tank top.

Bringing back the Coolio haircut? Bold move.

Holy mother of God.

I’d give his whitehead a bid.

Don’t hate them cause they’re beautiful:

Victoria’s Secret chaser:

Here is last week’s Spring Break Edition in case you missed it.

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